Green Kill is now welcoming submissions for the Itsy Bitsy Biennale.  

The Itsy Bitsy Biennale will be a summer exhibition of small works from June 16, 2016 until August 30, 2016. Summer is the busiest time of the year for the Hudson Valley in New York State. New works will be added to the walls as they arrive over the first month. The second month will present the full exhibition. Press releases will be sent out periodically to announce new submissions.

As an artist, you will benefit from multiple promotional outreach activities. Besides the consecutive press releases your work will be included on and Green Kill pages in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, The Art Stack, PinterestTumblr, DeviantartGoogle+, VK, Blogger, Instagram and a growing list of social network sites. You will be in a show of international art and you can sell your work in a dynamic and progressive new public space for the arts. The full amount of the sale after small fee for Paypal processing will be yours. The costs to you is only the shipping to and from Green Kill and 15 dollars, which goes towards an on-going crowdfunding effort to sustain Green Kill for future activities which benefit artists, performers and educators.

How to get your work in the Itsy Bitsy Biennale in 6 itsy bitsy steps.

1) Prepare a small work no bigger than 11” x 14” ( 28cm x 36cm) portrait or landscape format in a protective packaging which can be reused for the return shipment. The content and medium of the work is your choice.

2) Please include, artist’s name, price if the work is for sale (please keep in a range of 100 to 900 dollars US), art title, date, and materials, as well as your contact information.

3) Please include a short biography about the artist which can be used in press releases and other promotions for the show.  You may also send a short video about the artist by email to david at

4) Mail your package to 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401, USA, with return postage ( arrange for the insurance amount if that’s what you want)  including the return postage and check or cash for 15 dollars (US).  Small paintings are not expensive to ship. You can make the Green Kill payment and return postage payment by credit card or bank transfer using Paypal. Go to and enter as the email and please pay the Green Kill fee of 15 dollars adding on  the amount of the return postage, if that’s the option you prefer, along with one extra dollar to cover Paypal processing fees. Art should be sent no later than July 16.

5) Please write to David at to let him know that your work should be expected.

6) The Itsy Bitsy Biennale will close on August 30th and your work will be returned to you if it has not sold using your shipping carton,  and you will be notified, however keep in mind that your work will continue to be promoted on the social networking sites and so there is the possibility of sale after the show is over.

Some Itsy Bitsy points.

Your work will be added to the exhibition when it arrives.  If return postage is not included, your art will have to be sent back C.O.D. There will be an opening for the Itsy Bitsy Biennale on Saturday, July 16 when it’s anticipated much of the work will have arrived and been added to the exhibition. There will be events scheduled in Green Kill during those months which will give the Itsy Bitsy Biennale more exposure.

If your work sells, the return postage you provide will be refunded. Sales by check will be passed on to you and then taxes are you concern. Payments by cash for card must be processed and so taxes will be withheld and processing feeds deducted. All sales will be final and the money will be passed on to artists as soon as any necessary Paypal or bank processing is completed and all artists will be noticed of sales.  People interested in seeing more of an artists work, will be communicated to the artists.

Artists who live near Green Kill can drop off their work at the gallery. The space is open 12-6 from Wednesday -Sunday. Off ours, ring the bell by the side door are send a text to 347-689-2323 in advance for coordination.

Itsy Bitsy Contact

If you have questions or concerns, please write do David at Thank you for your attention and interest.