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Michelle Tommasi is sculptural-painter/drawer formerly of New York City and has been calling New Paltz, NY her home since 2003. Michelle exhibits her newest series of mix media works exploring the interplay of light and material. Painting and drawing unite in textured gestures that tend toward the chimerical and suggestive, echoes of memory and sound, spirit and nature. Pieces for this exhibit include works on paper, board and aluminum.

Michelle Tommasi

Michelle Tommasi is an abstract and conceptual artist living and working in New York’s Hudson Valley. She received her BFA in painting and sculpture from School of Visual Arts, NYC studying under Stephen Westphall, Lynda, Bengalis, Marilyn Minter, Jackie Windsor, and Luccio Pozzi. Her process-oriented work stems from a deep inquisition of life, the nature of things and what she calls, “ a nagging” impetus to bring from to the intangible inner life, reminiscent of the abstract expressionists. Current work revolves around drawing and painting abstractions that transform into three-dimensional works ,, utilizing a composition of mark-making gesture, “light”-therory and texture-inducing mediums. She counts her family’s heritage of ecclesiastical marble sculptors, Cy Twombly, Robert, Ryman, Franz Klein, Joa Defeo as strong influences.