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Richard Treater

Richard Treater lives in the Catskill Mountains in little enchanted cottage, where he lets nature and the unseen worlds of magick, shamanism, and past luggage guide is work; hopefully towards some greater good. He hardly ever know which way a piece will go. He stares at the blank space until some intuition kicks in, adding layer after layer until it seems finished. It’s usually a complete surprise when done and trying to guess the final outcome before hand is futile as it’s usually a complete surprise. Having been dead for a tiny bit, and returned, he knows the value of finding the Garden right here. Mr. Treater had been showing professionally, winning honors, and performing spoken word/performance art as well since his teens. He was awarded MacDowell Fellowship, Liquitex Fine Arts Award, has participated exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary art in Boston, online with the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y.C. and more locally New Paltz, Woodstock, and Phoenicia.

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