Art From Animal Maximalism

ANIMAL MAXIMALISM AT GREEN KILL from Nina Isabelle on Vimeo.

Artist Nina Isabelle presenta a hyperactive schizophrenic super-destroying maximalist art show that functions as homeopathic immersion therapy for highly sensitive people (HSP) and a lullaby for all others. Sound, video, performance, painting, photography, music, and sculpture are combined into a simultaneous experience in an attempt to exercise the human sensory input manifold. On display will be elements of The Superfund Re-Visioning Project, The Windmill Weapon Matron, The Entity and Constituents, The Giant Candle, Fun Times! , and C O D E, as well as multiple abstract paintings, and photographs. Videos presented include Certain Solutions For Dissolving Problems, Double-Slit, The Ax In The Stump, and The Locational Trauma Transforming Trap, among others. Performances include new work by International performance artist and musician Marita Isobel Solberg, Dirt Boy, who will use buckets of dirt to perform an earthmoving action called $ouls for $ale- $1 Million Buckets of Dirt, Clara Diamond will reconstitute the constituents of The Entity, and dancer Lucie Parker will move through nonspecific space performing a deconstructed ballet. Musical performance by Bitty Holly Hannah and Simon Ampel of Sighanide. Interactive opportunities include A Course in Miracles and Other Unlabeled Alcohol To Be Drunk and The Fuck Trump Pot Luck, Bring a dish to share.

Suggested donation of $10. Event is October 1 from 5 – 8:PM.

Show closes on Saturday October 15th.
Green Kill’s  are Wednesday – Sunday from 3-9:PM.

Workshop: Saturday October 8, 2-4:PM

Animal Instinct, a workshop directed by Bitty Holly Hannah and Nina Isabelle, will be held on Saturday October 8th from 2:PM-4:PM. Animal Instinct is an Intuitive / Instinctive mark-making, scribbling, singing, screaming and noisemaking workshop and is open to all ages / skill / experience levels. No prior experience or interest necessary. Come participate in one, all, some, or none.

NINA ISABELLE is a multidisciplinary artist working with abstract painting, performance, video, photography, and sculpture. Her background also includes alternative process photography and modern dance. She identifies with Maximalism and Action Art, embracing the concepts of “too much” and “more is more.” Nina pushes material and information past the point of recognition in a way that forces a shift in meaning, reveling new information that can transform and challenge the limits of materials, perception, and belief. Sensory input is deconstructed to the extent that meaning becomes shifted and interpretations become a phenomena of psychic imprint. Her work often references the inability of communication which is used to visualize reality, the failure of dialogue, the dissonance between form and content, as well as the shortcomings of literal language.

Nina is the Director of Star House Gallery & Studio in Kingston, NY where she practices as a studio artist and gallery director curating group shows featuring abstract artists. In the past year she has participated in the Upstate Vignette Video Project II with F.A.G (Feminist Art Group) from Brooklyn at Rosekill, performed at Panoply Performance Lab in Brooklyn as well as at The Linda Mary Montano Art / Life Institute in Kingston. Her work has been exhibited at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) Museum in Gimpo, Korea as well as in The New School’s Social Justice Show at The Bushwick Collective. She is currently a contributor to The Jurnquist Coloringbook show by Honey McMoney at Studio Fidlär in Berlin, her film Mother vs. God will be shown at The San Diego Art Institute in October,  and in January 2016 Nina was interviewed by the International Art Publication, ArticulAction Special Issue.

DIRT BOY is a rouge spirit. This cloaked being wanders the earth sculpting the terrain to suit his strange visions in order to transcend the dimension of violence and suffering. In 2109 Dirt Boy successfully converted the earth to use the non-linear peace dimension in which time does not exist. He has decided to demonstrate his earth moving capabilities in order to bring entertainment and wonder to those still stuck in the dimension of time, violence, and suffering.

CLARA DIAMOND is a performance artist working with impermanence, degeneration, and transformation, seeking to challenge the notion of impermanence by presenting “art objects” such as the body, action, experience, memory, and story. Clara’s process often incorporates tactile elements such as plaster, earth, and wax to wrap, coat, or layer the physical body within a temporary installation environment.  Using text features such as books, signs and spoken words, as well as thematic or narrative work cycles, Clara exploits symbols, stories, physical space, and other subtle notions of relationships. A persistent theme of object-making as performance runs through her work, resulting in the manifestation of inconsequential art-objects or garbage, which drives the procession of narrative across related pieces.!clara-diamond/h79q5

LUCIE PARKER is a multidisciplinary artist studying modern dance, martial arts, photography, visual art, and theatre. Lucie is a student of Hudson Valley Sudbury School and lives in Kingston, NY.

SIGHANIDE is what happens when feral backwoods Appalachia meets bluesy city rhythm.  With Bitty Holly Hannah sculpting out melancholy songs and Simon Ampel, on drums, executing the rhythm.  Outside of Sighanide,  Bitty is a multi-disciplinary artist and student, focused on the study of healing religious trauma through art. Simon is an animated film-maker enraptured with drawing movement and memory.  Both hailing from their own mountains, they found one another in the midst of Brooklyn’s madness.

MARA AKA MARITA ISOBEL SOLBERG is an international performance artist, musician, and visual artist from Tromsø and Manndalen, Norway. She is working in the borderline between art, life and science, focusing mainly on sound, performance art and installation. Experimenting with different medias in her work and interweaving elements from the surroundings, Solberg’s work is often site-specific and relational, reinforced by a strong performative tension. The works explore a world of challenge, strangeness, melancholy and desire sometimes with narrative passages or content, mixing with more symbolic and ritual elements.