Magicians of Workds.  Theresa Costa, Susan Hoover, Phillip X Levine, Bruce Weber, and  Joanne Pagano Weber read at 7:30pm on October 8th at Green Kill.

Theresa Costa (formerly known as: Theresa Marta Costa)  is poet & writer. She  has been reading poetry both as featured & non featured since 1974. She has hosted the Woodstock Goddess Poetry Festival 2012 & 2013.  & poetry readings in  Saugerties, Woodstock, Kingston NY since 2002.  Costa has been published in Wildflowers: A Woodstock Anthology by Shivastan Press, Other#6, Stained Sheets, The Chronogram, Home PLanet News, Up The River: Albany Poets Press,  Riverine; Codhill Press, Companions- Crazy Ladies Press, Walt’s Corner: Long Island Quarterly, HeyDay Magazine, CAPS 2015,  amongst others. Costa writes the Restaurant Review in Home Planet News, and her first book Creature Comforts: Post Traumatic Press was published in July 2013.  In 2011 she lectured at The Northeast College of Poetry, held at Seligman Center in Sugar Loaf, NY,  on the Beat Poets and  has also done a Jazz Poetry lecture and workshop in November 2013.  Presently Costa hosts WOMPS: Word Of Mouth Poetry Series at Artbar Gallery on the second Thursday of the month from March – Dec. Currently working on a second book of poems, she hopes to have out by July 2017. Teresa Costa can be contacted at:  and Word Of Mouth Poetry Series is on FB

Susan Hoover is a poet and teaching artist who has been a featured reader at such venues as at the New School, The Knitting Factory, and the Cornelia Street Café in New York City.  She has also performed regionally at the Woodstock Poetry Festival, the Colony Arts Center, and the Woodstock Artists’ Association.  Susan was a member of All Right! Girls, a poetry performance group with Nancy Rullo and Janice King.  Her poems have been published in Isinglass Review, Cold Mountain Review, Cover Arts New York, University of Colorado Literary Magazine, EPT, Dark Thirty, Home Planet News, Chronogram and Granite.  Her books include The Magnet and the Target (The New School Chapbook Series, 1995) and Taxi Dancer (Exotic Beauties Press, 1979), and her work has been anthologized in As If the World Had Not Known Sorrow (The Poets Press, 1986).  A singer-songwriter and guitarist, she has taught guitar at Mannes College and the Guitar Study Center in New York City.  Born in Montreal, Susan grew up in Williamstown, MA, and lived for many years in New York’s West Village.  She now resides with her two cats, James Joyce and Tiger Magritte, in Woodstock, New York.

Phillip X Levine juggles being dad, poet, and actor.  Phillip is Chronogram (a mid-hudson valley magazine) poetry editor and Woodstock Poetry Society president.  His solo theatrical poetry performance piece “approximate poet falls in love & can’t get up” has run at numerous venues including Bowery Poetry Club, Cornelia Street Café, Woodstock Fringe Festival, Omega Institute, Nassau Community College, Mt. Saint Mary’s College, Caffé Lena.  His poem “Soon” appears in Firewheel Editions anthology An Introduction to the Prose Poem.  Phillip hosts the WPS’s monthly reading. Brian Mahoney (editor of Chronogram magazine) writes: “Wallace Stevens meets Steven Wright”)

Joanne Pagano Weber is a visual artist, a writer, and educator. In recent years she has collaborated with the sculptor Janice Mauro on cross-disciplinary installations, including text, which combine humor and social critique concerning the ramifications of global warming. She exhibits at Art 101 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and teaches Fine Art at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in The Bronx, New York, and at Union County College in Cranford, New Jersey.

Bruce Weber is the author of five published books of poetry, These Poems are Not Pretty (Miami: Palmetto Press, 1992), How the Poem Died (New York: Linear Arts, 1998), Poetic Justice (New York: Ikon Press, 2004), The First Time I Had Sex with T. S. Eliot (New York: Venom Press, 2004), and tThe Break-up of MyFirst Marriage (Rogue Scholars Press).  Bruce’s work has appeared in numerous magazines, as well as in several anthologies. including Up is Up, But So Is Down: Downtown Writings, 1978-1992 (New York: New York University, 2006), Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (New Paltz, New York: Codhill Press, 2007), and The Unbearables Big Book of Sex (Autonomedia, 2010). He has performed regularly in the tri-state area, both alone and for many years with his former performance group, Bruce Weber’s No Chance Ensemble, which produced the CD Let’s Dine Like Jack Johnson Tonight(  He is the producer of the 212 years running Alternative New Year’s Day Spoke Word/Performance Extravaganza. By day, Bruce is Curator of Paintings & Sculpture at the Museum of the City of New York, and splits his time between his homes in New York City and Saugerties, New York. He has also authored numerous publications on American art.

A poem by Bruce Weber:

German Toothpaste

They called it German toothpaste
Cause when you were in the trenches
You couldn’t exactly pop a bottle of champagne.
They’d lace their brushes with the stuff
And it would heal all odors.
Some of the krauts would laugh
When they heard the name
And nod their heads in wicked agreement.
Wars were different then before the bomb.
You could see the blood in your enemy’s eyes
And things had a more intimate and devastating ring.
When Uncle Elmo came back from the big one
He would shake like an old jalopy
Simply from waking up in the morning
And seeing the sun rise.
I wouldn’t want to put a damper on anything
But the more I think about it
The more I want to cry.
The salt cleansed my mouth
But my sores kept aching
And even God’s letters to my wife didn’t help.
I wandered the streets of my hometown
Like a ghost of some other age
When steel was King
And you could get a swig of mother’s milk
For less than a dollar at the corner of Main and Vine.
I’d open my mouth and brush up and around
Till the salt did it’s cleansing trick
And I’d pour my morning cup of java
And duck whenever a kaboom went by.
I’ll never forget coming home
And squeezing that white pasty stuff
And living the life of Reilly
With my feet up and a smile for the democracy of the fittest.
My mouth clean as any victory in the war to end all wars.