This November 18 at 8 PM, Green Kill is excited to host the second Dance Night for Young People on , featuring the emerging young talent from Hurley, Hardc0re, who will take his guests on a dance journey with his signature Electronic Dance Music which combines strong melodies and powerful and energetic bass. The dancers will be bathed in pro lighting effects and sound.

Doors open at 7pm and house lights are turned back on at 9:30 pm. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children for the evening. Guests can bring non-alcoholic refreshments. A time out lounge area will be available.  Dance for Young People is an opportunity for junior and high school students to go out, meet, and have fun expressing themselves on a very artful and exciting musical evening.

The charge is $5 at the door per child.

Hardc0re, Drew Soshensky, inspired by  Dubstep/EDM master Skrillex and artists such as Martin Garrix, has been producing music since 2013. Some of his popular releases are Overdrive (VIP) and Suh Dude, “Hardc0re Remix”. He was a guest on 1490 WKNY Radio, has had a successful release party for his debut EP: “I Am Hardc0re”, at The Center 4 Creative Education.

HardcOre will perform at Green kill for Dance Night for Young People on on November 18  at Green Kill,  all at 8 to 9:30 pm