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Image from Dollarland, a project of Richard Kroehling and Lee Lisa Rinzler

Introducing TSL-Kingston.

Green Kill is excited to announce “TSL-Kingston,” a new film program in collaboration with Time & Space Limited (TSL), the innovative arts organization based in Hudson NY. Screening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the series features films selected by TSL, which is well-known for presenting “hands down, the most adventurous, globe-spanning, indie film programming that’s offered in the region.” – Metroland, 2015.


Atomized means to be deprived of meaningful ties to others. Hence Un-atomized Cinema is about finding meaningful ties with others by watching film and experimental videos together.

Un-atomized Cinema is open on Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm.

Some screenings will be announced at showtime. Cabaret tables and standard seating createss a comfortable viewing environment. Attendees may bring beverages and food. You can walk in on Tuesdays and sit down to enjoy the videos and movies.

All movies are projected with a state of the art digital projector on a 10 foot free standing screen along with highest speakers for sound.

Filmmakers can bring their videos  or schedule in advance, which permits a promotional campaign.

An intermission will be included with the should purpose being to collect donations to help sustain Green Kill and it’s programs. Small or large, everything helps.

Note: Movies will be limited to those which do not create copyright infractions.

Tuesday, Un-atomized Cinema and TSL Kingston