William Clements, Untitled, 2016, Mixed media on paper, 30″ x 51 1/2″, $750. For art sales or inquiries, contact

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Dear Artist:

Green Kill is has now booked the 2019 Green Kill Art Exhibition Program, but is accepting inquiries for the 2020 Program

Below is a convenient outline of about the Green Kill Art Exhibition Program.  Green Kill is located at 229 Green Kill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, 347-689-2323 (voice or text). Please feel free write or call with your questions.

Green Kill  is open Tuesday- Saturday, 3-9 PM. Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM  or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.

What Is Green Kill

Green Kill is a handicap accessible, inclusive, multiuser space dedicated to the arts. It serves a growing diverse art community. Green Kill is an LLC for the sole purpose over the short term of making sure it stays on track. In several years it will transition into a 501c3 corporation.  The objective is to build an institution for the arts which grows and creates opportunities through the involvement of talented visual and performing artists.  Green Kill offers a structured-peer-to peer-DIY program, with smooth operation rules, and its longevity and usefulness result solely from artist involvement and artist community promotion.

The Green Kill Art Exhibition Program at Green Kill:

There are two exhibition rooms at Green Kill the front room offers 5 exhibition spaces  (see floor plan is at the bottom of this page).

There are twelve shows each year which have openings on the first Saturday of the month. Shows close on the 27th or 28th depending on the number of days in the month.

The newly renovated back room called the “White Room,” is  reserved for year-round consignment sales  of artists who exhibit at Green Kill. More information and shop for this program is coming shortly.

Cost Formula:

A small fee of 20 dollars is requested from each artist per space to help cover costs for maintenance, electricity, taxes, insurance, and other operating costs which is non refundable and paid at the time the artist agrees  deliver their work. The foremost objective must be to underwrite operating costs so that Green Kill can be sustained.

The request for a fee is waived for International artists with the understanding that international artists will underwrite their shipping costs.

Peer to Peer:

Green Kill uses a peer to peer approach to find exhibition artists. Artists who exhibits at Green Kill may recommend other artists  to show.  If an artist, the referring artist,  recommends another artist, the the referral artist, the referring artist is entitled to ten percent of the sales revenue after tax of the referred artist, if that artist they recommended exhibits and sells work.

Green Kill expects 35 percent commission on art sales. The Artist receives 55 percent and referral artists received 10 percent. If there is no referral artist,  the artist receives 60 percent of sales and Green Kill receives 40 percent.

Selection Process:

The process is open and organic with a focus on inclusion of exceptional  and dedicated outsider and established artists. Green Kill seeks talented artists who are personally invested in their art, whose work conveys an individual sense of the world and who help us understand our humanity and the historical conditions in which we live.

Green Kill invites artists  who have exhibited at Green Kill to recommend other artists who meet the qualifying criteria. See “Cost Formula” above to understand how  recommending artists is compensated.

Artists can contact Green Kill at or they may be recommended.

Artists are local, national and international.

The Primary Reasons for the Green Kill Art Exhibition Program:

•To provide access and opportunities for art lovers and for art buyers.

•To create ongoing promotional and sales opportunities for artists.

•To accommodate the pluralistic nature of the contemporary art world by bringing together a range of artistic styles and esthetic ideas in one space.

•To fulfill the Green Kill mandate which is to be a working model of inclusion.

International Section:

Green Kill is putting out a call for International artists. Because of shipping costs which must be covered by the artist, the monthly wall fee is waived. One space will be subdivided to exhibit a group  of international works.

International artists are encouraged to submit one painting are drawing but may exhibit more.

Benefits to Individual Artists:

Each artist shows for four weeks (about 28 days), including one set up day and one take down day.

Artists can sell their work in the months and year-round programs and they will benefit from their association with other exhibiting artists.

Artists are given individual pages on the Green Kill Artists Page on in the events section.

Artists are promoted extensively on social media, as well as through Hudson Valley newspapers, on-line Magazines and bulletin boards, and radio stations.

In addition, all posts on are sent out to its 1000 plus subscribers.

The Green Kill Broadsheet  promotes the individual programs at Green kill and often features  participating Green kill  artists and performers. The Green kill Broadsheet is distributed in Kingston, New Paltz, Saugerties, and Woodstock.

Artists are offered the opportunity to record a five minute interview which is posted on and goes out to the social media sites listed above.

Additional promotional opportunities will be added in the future.

Beginning in 2019 Green Kill will begin an at consignment program. Artists who exhibit at Green Kill will be able to live art on file which will promoted on a dedicated page on In this way buyers can find work buy Green Kill exhibiting artists year-round at Green Kill.

Green Kill Outreach Program

Green Kill produces a monthly broadsheet which is distributed to various establishments in New Paltz, Rosendale, Kingston, Woodstock. Saugerties.  This year the distribution new distribution areas will include Beacon, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie.

Green Kill takes out free ads in tourist guides both print and on-line.

For some events Green Kill puts up flyers in Woodstock, Kingston, and New Paltz

Green kill sends out a periodic direct mail solicitations to over 200 of the wealthiest households in the Hudson valley. Anyone is welcome to submit new names.

Green Kill maintains a robust website, which features events and performers, writers and artists.  This site as grow in one year to page views of over 24 thousand.

The website captures email addresses, the owners of which receive announcements for every event that is posted. is hosted by known for it’s SEO (search engine optimization) tools.

Greenkill web posts are automatically sent to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter  and Google+.

Green Kill maintains a facebook event page,  @229GreenKill,  which is updated frequently. 1, 266 regular followers.

Greenkill posts on related facebook pages such as HVartists,  and  HVmusic.

Green Kill uses the ticket and event site to both promote events and sell tickets.

Green kill captures specific information form attendees  which is used to create an in-house mailing list. This list is broadcast to periodically.

Green Kill  maintains a robust outreach list of web, radio and newspaper contacts which includes:

Newspapers: Daily Freeman, Kingston Times, Woodstock Times.

Online Magazines:, Antiques Weekly,,,,,, ,,,

Online bulletin boards:,, Hudsonvalleyone.come

Online Radio board: 981kze,com,, radiowoodstock,com.

Music Sites:,


Artists interested in exhibiting can contact Green Kill but writing to Conversely, Green Kill may be contacting artists.

The Green Kill Activities Schedule on lists scheduled artists by month and by space section. If there is no listing, the space the space and period is available.

Artists work with Green Kill to determine their spaces. For reference, the floor plan with spaces is at the bottom of this page.  Green Kill will notify the artists that the dates are set and will send a Green Kill Policy Sheet.

 Artists  must  read Green Kill Policies and the Contract before making payment with or in advance of delivery of art to Green Kill. The Policy Sheet explains all the procedures and requirements.

Artists can use the space dimensions to create a diagram for mounting their exhibition. Green Kill will work with Artists through the installation process.

Green Kill will add the artists to the Green Kill Artists and Events pages.

Artists must cover costs for work shipped to and from a destination to Green Kill.
If art is coming from overseas, special packing may be needed. Based on past experience, works from abroad should be lightweight, perhaps paper works. All works must be prepared for hanging.

Exhibition Spaces (diagram attached for reference)

Front Room:

Space One: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill. The cost is 30 dollars for four weeks exhibition period per artist.

Space Two: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill. The cost is 30 dollars for four weeks exhibition period per artist.

Space Three: 10 feet high by 18 feet long. It’s the left space directly across from the front windows is behind the stage. Art in the space will likely show up in various publicity shots taken at Green Kill. The cost is 30 dollars for four weeks exhibition period per artist.

Space Four: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill. The cost is 30 dollars for four weeks exhibition period per artist.

Space Five: 5 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill. The cost is 30 dollars for four weeks exhibition period per artist.

Window Displays:

There is additional space in each street window which can accommodate sculpture and artisan’s work. The charge for each of the two window spaces is 20 dollars for four weeks.

Note: Scheduling may create conditions whereby an artist will be invited to extend their exhibitions at no extra charge. Artists can request to show for additional periods in one week (7 day) increments. 30 dollar spaces are 10 dollars per 7 days.

That’s it:

Ask all and any questions. Thank you again for your interest. Sincerely, David Schell and Yuriko Sasamoto, 0wners

2019 Floor Plan