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Green Kill is extraordinary in that any committed artist, musician, or performer from the  Kingston area and the Hudson Valley need only walk through the Green Kill door to be included as a member of the Green Kill community. If you have artwork to show or a creative idea then bring it in! The range of Green Kill art exhibitions, music, theater, performance and other programs made available by Green Kill to Kingston and the Hudson Valley is unsurpassed.

—Lynne Stone, Artist

Dear Artist:

Green Kill is accepting inquiries for 2020.

Below is a convenient outline about the Green Kill Art Exhibition Program.  Green Kill is located at 229 Green Kill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, 347-689-2323 (voice or text). Please feel free write or call with your questions.

Green Kill  is open Tuesday- Saturday, 3-9 PM. Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM  or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.

Who is a Candidate for the Green Kill Art Exhibition Program?

Green Kill serves student, outsider and established artists with a life-long dedication to their work, and who have an original vision. 

Green Kill has a unique, artist driven, peer-to-peer approach to growth. Peer-to-peer is the voluntary willingness of artists to refer and recommend artists to participate in Green Kill. The reward for the Green Kill community and each participating artist is the growth of Green Kill’s reputation as a destination for diverse, quality art.

The Green Kill Art Exhibition Program

There are eleven exhibitions each, some are guest curated and the remaining months are group shows of 3 to 4 artists, each assigned 16 to 32 feet of space.

Artists are promoted individually, not as a group.  Exhibitions are pluralististic by design. While there are three to five artists in each exhibition, the organization of the exhibition  demarcates clearly the work of individual artists.

The newly renovated back room called the “White Room,” is  reserved for year-round consignment sales  of artists who exhibit at Green Kill.

Cost Formula:

A small fee of 20 dollars is requested from each artist per space to help cover costs for maintenance, electricity, taxes, insurance, and other operating costs which is non refundable and paid at the time the artist agrees  deliver their work. The objective must be to underwrite operating costs so that Green Kill can be sustained. (The request for a fee is waived for International artists with the understanding that international artists will underwrite their shipping costs.)

Currently Green Kill asks artist to accept a sale commission of 40 percent for Green Kill and 60 percent for artists.

Selection Process:

Artists who are interested in exhibiting should send and email to with a link to work.

Artists may be local, national and international.

Green Kill compiles a list of artists continually. Between December and January the  artists on the list are contacted by email and asked to confirm they want to exhibit in the coming year and to notify Green Kill which months are must convenient for them to exhibit. In late December and January, Green Kill sends a second email to respondents suggesting a month for their exhibition.  Please understand that there is an annual limit of exhibition opportunities. Artists may be notified that they will have to be on a waiting list.

The Primary Reasons for the Green Kill Art Exhibition Program

•To provide access and opportunities for art lovers and for art buyers.

•To create ongoing promotional and sales opportunities for artists.

•To accommodate the pluralistic nature of the contemporary art world by bringing together a range of artistic styles and esthetic ideas in one space.

•To fulfill the Green Kill mandate which is to be a working model of inclusion.

• To focus on artists as individuals

Exhibition Spaces (diagram attached for reference)

Front Room:

Space One: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill.

Space Two: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill.

Space Three: 10 feet high by 18 feet long. It’s the left space directly across from the front windows is behind the stage. Art in the space will likely show up in various publicity shots taken at Green Kill.

Space Four: 10 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill.

Space Five: 5 feet high by 16 feet long. This is a featured space in the front room of Green Kill.

Window Displays:

There is additional space in each street window which can accommodate sculpture and artisan’s work. The charge for each of the two window spaces is 20 dollars for four weeks.

2019 Floor Plan


Green Kill Art Exhibition Program