Green Kill presents a monthly poetry event, “Voice Less Readings” every Thursday at 7:30 PM, hosted and managed by Noah David Roberts. One carafe of free coffee and a bowl of free candy is served at each event.  A scrim mounted behind the stage presents projections of famous historical poets along with photos of poets reading at Green Kill. It’s an informal evening and  all poets are treated with respect and genuine interest.  

About Voice Less Readings

Voice Less Readings” presents both  featured  nights and open mic poetry nights. All performers should  be offering original material or original interpretations of published material.  Poets read  with the use of a PA system on a stage with professional lighting. Instruments wich serve the reading can be amplified. 

Open Mic Nights

On open mic nights, Noah David Roberts  introduces each poet in order of their position on a sign-up list. Each reading is limited to 8 minutes.  Depending on how many poets sign up,  there are two rounds with a short intermissions between.  If the list is long, each poet reads once and there is a short break at the middle point of the sign-up list. 

Feature Nights

On feature nights each poet is presented by Noah David Roberts in order their position on a sign-up list. Each poet has 8 minutes. Depending on how many poets sign up,  Noah may have to use a first come first to read approach.  After a short break the featured poet reads for 30 minutes.  Depending on how long the evening has gone, Noah may permit additional 8 minute readings after the feature has finished reading. 

Role of the Host

The host introduces  the poets on both the curated and open mic lists.  The  host also reads according to his or her pleasure. The host  promotes events in cooperation with Green Kill, and  solicits for and schedules featured poets.  If you wish to be featured in the first half of the evening please write to at with samples of your writing. 


Noah David Roberts makes a pitch for contributions at the half way point just before intermission. The proceeds are split between the house and the MC. On feature nights the proceeds are divided three ways between the house, the MC and the feature.  Features should not have an expectation of receiving a money and should consider the proceeds as a gift. 


Green kill promotes “Voice Less Readings” broadly to web, radio and print outlets.  A list is available and you may contribute PR contacts. 

Social Inclusion

Green Kill is an inclusive space. “Voice Less Readings” seeks talented poets from diverse backgrounds and who range in age. 


Poets may add copies their publications to the Paradise Found book store which is located on the “Ozubar” counter at the back of Green Kill

and may sell their publications at poetry events. In all cases the money made goes 100. Percent to the poets.

Feature poets may schedule book signing events.  


The features readers are recorded with high quality video and audio and files are available for the featured readers to take away at no charge.  Noah David Roberts maintains a “Voice Less Readings” Youtube channel on poem from each of the featured readers is uploaded to each event. Feature readers may request not to have their performance promoted in this way. 


Poets interested in scheduling a feature or anyone wanting to know more about the Voice Less Readings, please contact Noah David Roberts at

About Green Kill

Green Kill is an inclusive, multiuser space dedicated to the arts. It serves a growing diverse art community. Green Kill is an LLC for the sole purpose over the short term of making sure it stays on track. The objective is to build an institution for the arts which grows and creates opportunities through the involvement of talented visual and performing artists.  Green kill offers a structured-DIY program, with smooth operation rules, and its longevity and usefulness result solely from artist involvement and artist community promotion.

Green Kill is an art and performance space now in its second year, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, on Green Kill Avenue, near the Route 32 intersection.

Green Kill hosts poetry readings, theater, film, music and art exhibitions, which include established, outsider or student artists and performers who are dedicated to the growth of their work.

Green Kill is located at 229 Green Kill Avenue in Kingston at four corners where Green Kill Avenue intersects Route 32 as it winds around through the trees down to New Paltz.

The art exhibitions change monthly at Green Kill and include local, national and international artists.

The Green Kill web site is; the email is; and the phone is 347-689-2323. 

Green Kill is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 9 pm, and closed on national holidays. On evenings  there are often performance events,, which may impede viewing of the entire exhibition.  The optimum hours for viewing the whole exhibition are between 3 and 6 pm.  You may make a special appointment to guarantee open and uninterrupted viewing by calling 347-689-2323.