Voice Less in 2019

Voice Less Readings is  held on the first and third Thursdays of every month.

The hosting position will be a voluntary and change  monthly, thus potentially 12 hosts a year, with a commitment of twice in a single month. And there may be guest hosts who split a month. 

2019 Schedule of Hosts

June: Bruce Weber

July: Andrew Austin

August:Gary Siegel

September: Mike jurkovic

October: Sam Truitt

November: Robert Tomlinson

December:Tom Romeo

First Thursday

The first Thursday is strictly and open mic even beginning promptly at 8 PM. Poets sign in as they arrive, and may do so if they arrive late. Reading queue order will be first-come-first-serve. Every reading is five minutes with exception—this is not a strict rule. After six readers there will be a break, after which the next group will read. If there are six or less readers,  there may be another round of reading by the same group if there is interest.

Third Thursday

The third Thursday, the second reading in the month, is dedicated to scheduled featured readers and book launches.  Again the reading begins promptly at eight, and after six readings there is a break and then a 30 minute reading by the feature. 

First Thursday will be an opportunity to promote the second Thursday feature.  If there is a book launch scheduled, the author should arrive at 7:30 to set up. Signing will take place before the reading, at break time and after the featured reading. 

Role of the Host

The host introduces  the poets on both the curated and open mic lists. The  host also reads according to his or her pleasure.


Green kill promotes “Voice Less Readings” as a facebook event, on greenkill.org and broadly to web, radio and print outlets.  A list is available and you may contribute PR contacts. 


The features readers are recorded with high quality video and audio and files are available for the featured readers to take away at no charge.  Green Kill will have a YouTube Channel  for to broadcast the videos from the featured readings.


Poets interested in scheduling a feature or anyone wanting to know more about the Voice Less Readings, please contact 229greenkill@greenkill.org.

About Green Kill

Green Kill is a multiuser  performance space dedicated to  a diverse and growing  creative community. Green Kill’s mission is create artistic opportunities through peer to peer organization of  talented and dedicated visual, performing and literary artists.

Green Kill is a handicapped accessible exhibition and performance Space located at 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401, 229greenkill@greenkill.org, Green Kill is open Tuesday to Saturday from 3  pm to 9 pm, closed on national holidays. The phone number is 1(347)689-2323. Performance events schedule please visit thttps://greenkill.org/2017/04/24/green-kill-activities/. Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM or you may make a special appointment by contacting 229greenkill@greenkill.org or phoning 347-689-2323.