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Welcome to Green Kill, a multi-use space for writers, performers, and visual artists. 

Green Kill serves student, outsider and established artists with a life-long dedication to their work, and an original vision. 

Green Kill has a unique, artist driven, peer-to-peer approach to growth. Peer-to-peer is the voluntary willingness of artists to refer and recommend artists to participate in Green Kill. The reward for the Green Kill community and each participating artist is the growth of Green Kill’s reputation as a destination for diverse, quality art.

This is a new approach to supporting the arts, an inclusive model made possible through the partnership of Green Kill LLC and a national fiscal sponsor for the arts, Fractured Atlas.*

Green Kill’s diversity is demonstrated throughout its programs, including the monthly art exhibition, Voice Less Readings, Showcase, Mashup, Emerging Artist Program, Mozart’s Living Room, Kingston Experimental Theater Company, The Film Program, BYOB Karaoke, and  a very broad range of special events. 

Before reaching out for community support, Green Kill needed to establish a proof-of-concept. If you have attended any of our events or have visited our website,, then you know what we have accomplished in just three short years. Now Green Kill needs your help to bring it to the next stage in its evolution. A vibrant art scene is emblematic of a thriving community. Please support us.

The following photographs are a random selection of Green Kill activities and events since its inauguration.  The selection will change over time.  Photographs are by Lynne Stone or David Schell.  Please enjoy!





Green Kill Photo Gallery