Ten Aritists, Lynne stone  on display From March 1st to March 30, 2017.


I make paintings and constructed shaped paintings. I make polychromed and collaged works on paper and aluminum that rely on multiple and overlapping techniques. My way of creating requires construction. Inspiration comes from imagination, dreams, literature, or life. My work might be “edgy’–this means a viewer might find it uncomfortable. I make edgy work because it is important to me to mediate the uncomfortable. I admire other artists who mediate the same thing.

I prefer my process be direct but it isn’t. The piece slogs through the predictable before a break-through to a new visual thing. And a new visual thing is important. I need to be surprised–awed–by what I see. Start-up ideas quickly dull, degrade until some rude interference mucks them up and invigorates them. Bits, pieces, shapes, colors, ideas shuffle, organize, reorganize before my eyes until they interact, bounce, birth the new thing. For this an energy is needed. The new thing comes demanding extras, add-ons. Sometimes the new thing comes f ull-blown from out of the canvas or in a dream or mental flash. So then I thank my unconscious for creating the work for me.

When I was a kid my father gave me building blocks and construction sets as presents so I learned to construct. Now it seems natural for me to put things together. I was born in Britain, my internalized aesthetic is European, my long-time art love is expressionism, especially Max Beckmann, Ernst Kirchner, and Francesco Clemente. I admire Francis Bacon, Ida Applebroog, Jonathan Borofsky, Elizabeth Murray, and the West Coast painters. I am open to works of literature, philosophy, mythology: Thomas Mann’s Dr. Faustus, works by Gunter Grasse, Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy; Greek and Sumerian mythology. A deeply personal influence is depth psychology, the psychology of Carl Jung.

A work of art is a symbol; a word is a symbol of a different kind. My expression is through the visual, not with words. Each has its own way of symbolizing and neither can represent the other. So I cannot explain my work. It is itself.