Joseph Zito’s work is on display at Green Kill untill March 27, 2017.

My work is about trying to open people’s eyes to the world around them, however futile the endeavor.
—Joseph Zito

Joseph Zito was born in 1957 and lives and works in Brooklyn. He had exhibitions at Rosa Esman Gallery in 1988, 1989 and 1991, and has exhibited since that time at Lennon, Weinberg, most recently in 1997.

He views the world as a dangerous place. The routine of our day-to-day lives can be interrupted by the most terrible events. Some are sudden and unforeseen, while others are gradual and inevitable.

His works on paper serve as studies and visual memoirs composed of symbolic shapes and marks. Boats and planes, vessels to carry us from one place to another, also bear resemblances to gravestones and monuments. Pensive and delicate by nature, the watercolors provide an antidote of beauty to the anxiety that hangs in the air of the fleeting passage of time.

Zito then sought everyday objects which when cast and suspended function beautifully, first choosing some likely objects, and then realizing the potential for altering the meaning of an object along with its function.