On Saturday, April 15, 2017  between 7 and 9 pm, Stages, a very unique performance will be presented at Green Kill.

In this collaborative work, artists Clara Diamond, Nina Isabelle, and Valerie Sharp  portray the concept of Stage in all its forms.

Clara Diamond is a performance artist working with dichotomy, impermanence, identity, and transformation, seeking to challenge the notion of impermanence by presenting the body, action, experience, memory, and story as art objects. Dichotomies such as in/out, up/down, black/white, motion/stillness, life/death, and self/other form a framework of exploration for her work. https://www.starhousegallery.com/clara-diamond

Nina A. Isabelle is a multidisciplinary artist working with abstract painting, performance art, video, photography, and sculpture. Isabelle identifies with Maximalism and Action Art, pushing material and information past the point of recognition in a way that forces a shift in meaning, revealing new information that can transform and challenge the limits of material, perception, and belief. She works to deconstruct sensory input to the extent that meaning can become shifted and interpretations become a phenomena of psychic imprint. Her work often references the inability of communication which is used to visualize reality, the failure of dialogue, the dissonance between form and content, as well as the shortcomings of literal language. www.ninaisabelle.com

Valerie Sharp is a performance artist in Rosendale, NY originally from Oklahoma City, OK. Valerie creates performance art using a combination of durational actions, costume, and installation in order to transform personal experiences into universal symbols. Through her work, she investigates the perception of time, loss of innocence, our relationship to nature as a mirror to ourselves, and the wonderful, mysterious forest that is our minds. www.valerieksharp.com