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Adam Pitt will be exhibiting his prints in special exhibition at Green Kill in September 2017.



Adam in his Own Words

I spent most of my adult life working in corporations and hiding my identity as an Artist. I always felt out of place, but I got to observe the corporate world and the human dynamics first hand. Based on my experiences as a manager, worker and observer I have created a website as well as many woodcut images. In order to create my images I spend a lot of time viewing and drawing art in museums. I use the art I see as a departure point for my own work. Much of the viewing and drawing is of non-western art; sculptures and objects from Oceania, Asia, Africa, South America and indigenous cultures. Many of the works I see deal with power, religious practices and human dynamics, all familiar to my experiences in the corporate work world. I fill many books with my drawn observations and then bring the work home to review. The final products from my studies are woodcut prints. I have been printing my woodcuts with Kathy Caraccio at her Studio in Chelsea N.Y. for over 20 years.  I use different types of wood for different techniques and qualities including Poplar, Mahogany, Cedar, Maple, Ash and Birch Ply wood. Multiple blocks are used to create different colors and are run multiple times through the printing press. Many different types of art from different times in history have influenced me. I find the simplified elegant form, and intensity and honesty of African and Oceanic Sculpture to be a large influence.  I am also a great admirer of German Expressionism. My artistic pursuits have taken me to the Edvard Munch Museum in Oslo Norway, the Kirchner Museum in Davos Switzerland, various other museums and galleries in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, China, Peru, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand.



Adam Pitt

Adam Pitt will be exhibiting his prints in special exhibition at Green Kill in September 2017.

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