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Nost and poet Bruce Weber joined  guests singer Jennifer Lewis Bennett, poet Allison Koffler,  poet Dayl Wise, and musicians Witman and Pantell on June 10, 2017 at 8 pm for Music and Words on a Late Spring Night.

About the Artists

Jennifer Lewis Bennett. For Jennifer Lewis Bennett, singing is storytelling and lyrics are poetry.  Known for her rich tone and heartfelt interpretations, Jennifer’s a cappella performances invite audiences to explore new realms of intimacy and freedom. Among her musical endeavors she has performed in Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro tributes at the Stone House in Brooklyn, was featured in the Stockade Tavern’s Speakeasy Jazz Series, and is the resident torch songstress with Kingston’s Poetry Brothel troupe.  She currently sings and records with the Boston band Hummingbird Syndicate.

Jennifer first discovered her interest in a cappella performance following an invitation to sing at a local poetry reading.  With no instrumental accompaniment silence frames and supports the singing voice, creating space for deeper listening and connection.  She shares, “Every voice is important and should be heard, however it is expressed. For me, there’s a vulnerability inherent in singing, a beauty that transcends the spoken word, a sharing of the soul and humanity within that can sometimes connect us in ways that are otherwise unreachable. Let us SING, all of us, together.”

Alison Koffler. Alison Koffler’s poems often arise from where the human world and the wilderness intersect.  She was the recipient of the Poetry Teacher of the Year Award from Poets’ House and McGraw-Hill in 2003, and the Green Heron Poetry Award in 2011.  She is the 2016 winner of the Bronx Council on the Arts’ BRIO Award for poetry, having won it as well as in 1993, 2000, 2006 and 2016.  Her poems have appeared in such publications as Iris: A Journal for Women, Heliotrope, and Home Planet News, and were included in the anthologies lifeblood: the woodstock poetry society anthology, Chickaree Press, 2011 and A Slant of Light: Contemporary Women Writers of the Hudson Valley, SUNY Press, 2013.  She works as an on-site teacher-consultant for the New York City Writing Project and is the co-founder of Post Traumatic Press

Bruce Weber is the author of five published books of poetry, These Poems are Not Pretty (Miami: Palmetto Press, 1992), How the Poem Died (New York: Linear Arts, 1998), Poetic Justice (New York: Ikon Press, 2004), The First Time I Had Sex with T. S. Eliot (New York: Venom Press, 2004), and tThe Break-up of MyFirst Marriage (Rogue Scholars Press). Bruce’s work has appeared in numerous magazines, as well as in several anthologies. including Up is Up, But So Is Down: Downtown Writings, 1978-1992 (New York: New York University, 2006), Riverine: An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers (New Paltz, New York: Codhill Press, 2007), and The Unbearables Big Book of Sex (Autonomedia, 2010). He has performed regularly in the tri-state area, both alone and for many years with his former performance group, Bruce Weber’s No Chance Ensemble, which produced the CD Let’s Dine Like Jack Johnson Tonight( He is the producer of the 212 years running Alternative New Year’s Day Spoke Word/Performance Extravaganza. By day, Bruce is Curator of Paintings & Sculpture at the Museum of the City of New York, and splits his time between his homes in New York City and Saugerties, New York. He has also authored numerous publications on American art.

Dayl Wise. Dayl Wise was drafted into the US Army in 1969 with service in Viet Nam and Cambodia, 1970 and returned with a different mission in 1993 delivering medical supplies the form of reconciliation. His poems have appeared in numerous publications, and is the author of Poems and Other Stuff (PTP, 2004) and Basic Load (PTP, 2009). Dayl lives Woodstock, New York with his wife, the poet Alison Koffler, and is co-founder of  Post Traumatic Press

Witman and Pantell. Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell are a captivating duo who perform mostly original music that is both humorous and thought provoking. Their live performances are all acoustic, featuring guitar, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, and Bulgarian tambura, and their influences range from folk and rock to classical, Eastern European and Broadway. Their songs, whether telling stories or touching on social commentary, leave you uplifted.  Karen’s voice combines the best of Nora Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and Gracie Slick, and Rick’s guitaring is as ambitious as it is lush, ranging from finger-picking to driving rhythms, often in odd meters. Such a big sound rarely comes out of two people. They have performed at Clearwater’s Great Hudson River Revivals and the New Jersey Folk Festival, among numerous venues, and have been featured on WKZE, WAMC (NPR) and on City World Radio live stream.

Music and Words on a Late Spring Night

Join poet Bruce Weber with guests singer Jennifer Lewis Bennett, poet Allison Koffler, poet Dayl Wise, and musicians Witman and Pantell on June 10, 2017 at 8 pm for Music and Words on a Late Spring Night.