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The Blue Horse Repertory Company presents Oil Boy at Green Kill on  Friday, August 25 at 8 pm. $20 at door or on Eventbrite.

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Imagine a time when U.S. intelligence operatives are so overworked that they bungle a delicate political task – the removal of a Middle Eastern prince from his country – and create an international incident that could lead to war. Sadly, it’s not too difficult to imagine. Which is why “Oil Boy,” a hilarious farce by B. A. Nilsson, needs to be seen before its fictional story becomes all too true.

A cast of some of the best actors in the Hudson Valley will present a staged reading of the play at 8 pm Friday, Aug. 25, at Green Kill, an arts center and performance space at 229 Greenkill Ave., Kingston. Tickets are $20 and available at the door. David Girard directs the show, which features Shayne David Cameris, Lora Lee Ecobelli, Andrew Joffe, Joe Quandt, John Romeo, and David Smilow.

“Oil Boy” is set in a room in a Virginia safe house, where agents Jerry and Mac await the arrival of the prince – once agents Dunbar and Plimsoll can break through a Beltway traffic jam. But Jerry and Mac also have to deal with Klaus. He’s an ex-marine, assistant to the President’s Chief of Staff, and arrives to take charge of a situation over which he has no authority – or so insists Jerry.

The Prince, code-named Oil Boy, turns out to be a huge Elvis fan, and refuses to cooperate until he’s promised a trip to Graceland. He gets more than he ever could have expected, while news of the Prince’s travels inflames activist groups around the world. Is there a contingency plan that can save the world?

B. A. Nilsson is a playwright and actor who spent over 30 years as a restaurant critic for Albany’s Metroland magazine. His play “Mr. Sensitivity” was part of the NY International Fringe Festival, and “Drivers” was performed at Ensemble Studio Theatre. “Humoresque” was seen at the Hudson Opera House, and his musical “iFind You @ Last” premiered at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz.

Oil Boy