Call the number 845 384 2445. It’s free. You will be offered a short poem. This is not a new idea. Rather it’s a nice way to share some humanity. Each month a poet  or song writer will offer a short poem or lyric. The number may change but the service will remain the same. Jennifer Lewis Bennett is featured  until the end of October.

In New York’s Hudson Valley, Jennifer Lewis Bennett lives in a rustic cabin alongside the Esopus Creek.  Windows are often open so that birds and insects can join her inside. She wanders the land and communes with Nature, her muse.  As philosopher queen of this wilderness realm, Jennifer shares her observations and interactions in a spontaneous, creek-of-consciousness manner.  Some call it poetry.



Dial-A-Poem is a phone-based service started in 1968 by poet John Giorno after a phone conversation with his friend William Burroughs. Fifteen phone lines were connected to individual answering machines; anyone could phone Giorno Poetry Systems and listen for free to a poem offered from various live recordings.

The venture was a success from 1969 on, and the poems dealt with numerous social issues such as the Vietnam War and the sexual revolution. Giorno claimed the service later influenced the creation of other information services over the telephone, such as banking, sports, and investing. It spawned a number of imitators. Eventually, all of them were eclipsed by the internet, most particularly by YouTube.