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Human Host will perform at Green Kill on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 8 PM. Tickets are 5 dollars at the door and on Eventbrite. Joining  Human Host will be  Jack Lynch and Kyle and the Pity party.

Human Host Dec 17th 2016 Metro gallery photo by david richardson


About Human Host

Human Host began in December 2002 and is based in New York City, Pennsylvania, and other parts of the northeast U.S. The creative core of Human Host is an ever changing ensemble made up of multi-media artists and figments of your imagination.

The group has released many records on independent labels, they’ve scored soundtracks for several short films, and they contribute prose to the website Splice Today. HH also inspired Mike Apichella’s nationally screened independent feature The Human Host Movie. Additionally, Human Host has done 12 domestic tours and is now touring in support of their newest full length records: Ophiopogon’s Blue Wonder(2016) and On Haida Gwaii (2017).

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(Human Host) is a very interesting band, familiar chords that meld into a weird astral plane of thought and feeling. This is deliberate music that turns corners as it moves along, and builds tension in a Fantasia-esque way.

— Digital Wheatpaste music blog.


Listen to  Jack Lynch

Listen to Jack Lynch

jack lynch

About Kyle & The Pity Party


Formed in 2012, Kyle & The Pity Party quickly made a name in the NY indie scene. With appearances at numerous shows throughout the tri-state area, their driven melodies and razor sharp lyrics have fostered more than their fair share of anthemic singalongs. After extensive touring in support of 2015’s “Everything’s Bad” EP they are currently recording this year’s “Heaven” LP.

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Human Host