Species and Spirit: Contemporary Visions will be on view from Saturday November 4 to Tuesday December 5. The opening party is November 4 at 5 – 7 PM.

Green Kill presents Species and Spirit: Contemporary Visions, an exhibition that redefines the narrative tradition and explores the essential questions of human existence: Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? The artists Janice Mauro, Richard Pantell and Joanne Pagano Weber do so in simultaneously humorous and disturbing ways.

Opening Night.


Exhibition Art


Joanne Pagano Weber talks about her art at the opening.


Richard Pantell talks about his art at the opening.


Janice Mauro talks about his art at the opening.

About the Artists

Janice Mauro’s Selfie Series suggests a tense narrative connecting our need for communication and our dependence upon technology. In her composition of wall reliefs replication becomes metaphorical as human forms intervene with or emerge from Apple packaging. Mauro recognizes humanity’s need for the spiritual, and presents the dualities of liberation and entrapment inherent in our current path toward technological immersion.

Richard Pantell refers to his paintings of bathers as Americana. Employing realism as a tool, rather than as an end in itself, he creates environments that are both common and dreamlike; a form of living surrealism and of nature transformed by human intervention. Pantell inhabits his environments with monumental figures who dominate and animate his works. The characters are iconic yet familiar, inviting us to identify with them. They appear to be relaxed, but convey a strong sense of inner emotion or anxiety.

Joanne Pagano Weber is a painter who explores narrative in a non-linear way. In her Pilings series, she finds inspiration in newspaper and magazine imagery where raw and subtle emotion is presented for common consumption. The figures and objects drawn from these sources are clustered like “the bundled nerves of the culture” forming emblems of compiled human experience. These images defy expected spatial constructions, and inhabit unique settings that are sometimes suggestive and sometimes boundless. Pagano Weber’s collaged-inspired process and compelling results inspire free-associational interpretations.

The exhibition Species and Spirit: Contemporary Visions invites us to reflect on questions about life today and in the future, and challenges us to abandon our comfort zones.