Call for artists – Sol Invictus: Interregnum at Green Kill

The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born; in this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms appear.

—Antonio Gramsci – 1930

Artists in all mediums invited to submit for Sol Invictus: Interregnum. For the 2nd year, curators Brent Felker of Gemini Hill and Michelle Tommasi present Sol Invictus at Green Kill, a gallery and performance space in Kingston, NY. The show will run from December 9-January 27.


The pause between exhale and inhale. The moment at the top of a swing’s arc where you are suspended before gravity takes hold again. The sacred space between thought and action.

The western world is suffering a political crisis of legitimacy. The globe is suffering a climate crisis as patterns shift. People are suffering personal crises as the old ways no longer serve. We mistake the symptoms (Trump, hurricanes, addiction) for the crisis itself.

What happens in the space between old and new? When you have a moment where all laws, physical and otherwise, are suspended? What has ended, what is to come, and what will thrive in the pause?

Sol Invictus is the Roman Sun god. Killed every year only to be reborn, ushering in a new spring. We invite artists in all visual mediums to submit work around the idea of interregnum.

Green Kill is an art and performance space located at 229 Green Kill Avenue in Kingston at four corners where Green Kill Avenue intersects Route 32 as it winds around through the trees down to New Paltz. Green Kill hosts poetry readings, theater, film, music and art exhibitions, which include established, outsider or student artists and performers who are dedicated to the growth of their work and is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 9 pm, and closed on national holidays.

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Please submit by Nov 6, 2017.

Artists assume responsibility and cost for shipping pieces to the gallery and their return. All pieces must be priced. In the event of a sale, the gallery will receive 25% of the sale price, curator 25% with the remaining 50% for the artist. All pieces must be insured. Each artist whose work is presented is asked to donate $20 to the gallery to assist with costs.

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Call for artists – Sol Invictus