Ami Madeleine hosts the the third Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Green kill on Saturday, December 16, 2017,  at 8 PM featuring Kailey Rocker, Theo Eastwind, Gabriel Royal and Ami Madeleine.  $5 at the door or on Eventbrite. BYOB

Kailey Rocker

Kailey Rocker is a New Jersey born singer and songwriter. Her music is rooted in that of the traditional American sound, with an influence of 90s folk and psychedelia. She is currently inspired by and living in New York State’s Hudson Valley.


Theo Eastwind

Theo Eastwind is a singer songwriter based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Theo released 6 Albums since 1998. The latest, “Useless If stolen”, was released in March 2017. Crowned “King of the underground” by American songwriter magazine, Theo has been busking since 1995.

Gabriel Royal

Gabriel royal is a cello playing dude. Teacher composer  cellist. Originally from Oklahoma, Gabriel royal moved out to Brooklyn in 2008. Since then playing in the subway has created his career.

Ami Madeleine

“With mesmerizing vocals and versatile instrumental skills, Ami Madeleine reminds you what it’s like to feel something deeply. She draws it out of you and makes you want to hug a friend or kiss a lover unabashedly. You’ll leave her set in an introspective dreamlike state of ease.” -by Darren Lyons