Mind Sets, a show of seven artists, Jessica Alazraki, William Clements, Donna Festa, Rosalie Frankel, Linda Larsen, Noah Saterstrom, and Gerda Van Leeuween, curated by Lynne Stone. The exhibition opens at Green Kill on Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 5 to 7 pm, and runs from February 3 to February 27, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 3 to 9 pm.

Mind Sets celebrates seven painters, each singular in expression, each committed to a bold, playful, rude, sad, surreal, sensual, or revelatory vision of the aesthetic mind.




Jessica Alazraki. Jessica Alazraki’s figurative portraits convey everyday stories of colorful characters. These are confronting the viewer, without interacting with each other, instead submerged in their own personal psyche. The narratives are based in ordinary and familiar scenes of Latino family life, highlighting the influence of American culture and implying indirect political statements. The strong presence of primitive and naïve style connects the works to folklore elements and Mexican crafts.

William Clements will feature his monotype series Far Afield.  William says about these monotypes, “These images began as a series of one hundred drawing on vellum using black acrylic, ink and a brush. I worked on the floor, generating almost subconsciously. Selected drawing were then exposed directly to the screen, those screens then used in a collage like manner. At the time I called this group “Far Afield”, though I might change that now. They are images about self, aloneness, attempted communication and connection, and the social machinations that keep us separate. The flocking I feel creates a seduction of the tactile in the visual, an attempt to pull the viewer in, the promise of touch.”

Donna Festa says about the works she is exhibiting, “We all have them. Those heavy burdens that we carry with us, making our shoulders droop. We push them down, far away from the surface, try to bury them with food, drink, pills. Meanwhile, they make our hips wider, our hair grayer, our worry lines deeper. Life can so easily break us”

Rosalie Frankel says about her work that it’s an attempted examination of undeniable confusion inherent in the dichotomy between mirth and melancholy.
I am exploring the lively stew of relationships as well as emotions.
My art is the vehicle to expose both the glory and struggle of Eros.”

Linda Larsen will present Entanglements,  her multi-media film with Linda Larsen, Constance Humphries, Adam Larsen, and Kimathi Moore, and artworks featured in Entanglements  and her Sights Unseen series.

The mysterious Sights Unseen paintings made in 2013 came from my waking dreams over many years. As I worked, I found myself in strange territory and felt I needed a deeper understanding of the recorded history of the slave trade, the middle passage, slave narratives, Jim Crow, and the ongoing civil rights struggle. I read as much as I could, including the incredible novels of Richard Wright, Toni Morrison and Zora Neale Hurston. I also found the writings of historian, Craig Stevens Wilder; Detroit activist, Grace Lee Boggs; social justice and human rights professor of law, Bryan Stevenson, and many more thinkers and writers, too many to count, who brought insight to the intuitive narrative I had begun. Most of the reading was hard to bear.

Gerda Van Leeuwen will present her “Gasworks” paintings. Gasworks is a series of 6 small paintings, monoprint/paint on paper to canvas, 10×6 inches, These series are a result of her wandering the center street of Merida, Mexico. Observing small details on the walls of houses. The rectangle crevices in the walls with almost identical city gas meters but all painted, painted in different ways. Done in 2017.

Noah Saterstrom presents selections from his Sunworshipers paintings. The imagery in these paintings is heavily influenced by my ancestral roots in Natchez, Mississippi. I specifically draw from memoirs recounting the family fleeing during the Civil War to the little town of Shubuta. Themes vary but repeating motifs include a family on the move, houses and landscapes, classical statuary, a fountain, wagon mules, a lion-like creature, suns, and celestial eyes.