Ami Madeleine hosts the “Singer-songwriter Showcase” at Green Kill. The Friday, March 30, 2018 show includes special guests Brittani O’hearn and Robert Leslie along with Ami Madeleine at 8 pm. Tickets are $5 at the door or on

About Brittani O’Hearn


Brittani O’Hearn is a feminist, folk pop singer songwriter based in New Paltz, NY. Her acoustic songs are simple and honest with a touch of whimsy and angst. She believes the “personal is political” and writes about young love, loss, and experience figuring out what it means to be a girl/women, ghost hunter, activist and mother.

About Robert Leslie

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Robert Leslie is the sole interpreter of the pandemoniac spider. He is fifty thousand years old and three miles wide. Spider spins on – Yearn, yearn – yarn, yarn. We do not surf the web, we squirm. O sweets, o spider, love, love, my lovely. Spin on.

About Ami Madeleineimage3

With mesmerizing vocals and versatile instrumental skills, Ami Madeleine reminds you what it’s like to feel something deeply. Whether it’s with a guitar, ukulele, or violin, whether the emotion is love or longing or heartbreak, Ami draws it out of you and makes you want to hug a friend or kiss a lover unabashedly.

Her music and lyrics are inspired by the natural landscape and reflect her vital link to the vital elements of earth, fire, air and water. If you’re not careful, you’ll leave her set in an introspective dreamlike state of ease. Ami currently resides in the town of Rosendale, NY and is working on her third album ‘Death Bed’. “