Doug Motel’s coffee paintings will be on exhibition at Green Kill from Saturday, April 7, 2018 to Saturday, April 26, 2018.  The opening reception will be on Saturday April 7, 2018 from 5 to 7 PM.  Exhibition hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 3 PM until 9 PM.

Images from Doug Motel’s April 2018 Exhibition

About Doug Motel

Genius in its Prime: Captured in Coffee

By Doug Motel

People Person

I can not remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by people. I am gripped by the things they do, the things that they want, and by the way the light hits their pupils.

I find people to be the most interesting things in the world.

Pencil It In

I started obsessively drawing portraits when I was about 8 or 9 years old. Always with a sketch pad, constantly drawing face after face after face.  I drew Friends and family, celebrities, models in magazines and made-up humanoids of various forms.

I quickly developed an identity as “the kid who can draw.”

Giving Portraits a Voice

When I was a teenager I realized that I was so interested in people that I didn’t just want to draw them, I also wanted to write their thoughts and expressions.

Soon after, I knew I had to give the portraits I was writing a full voice. I would have to speak their words too.

So at 15 years old, I began writing and recording little plays, where I played all the characters.

Though I express my fascination with human beings by writing about them and voicing them, the ground of it is in drawing and painting them.

Dot by Dot by Dot

The technique that I have spent the time doing over the years has been stippling.

I discovered stippling with ink one day by accident in a high school art class. I had a rapidograph pen in my hand, and while poking around on paper, I realized that if I did just the right amount of dots placed in just the right spot I could draw a nose that looked almost photographic.

From there I got interested in adding some watercolor, and I settled into a technique that seemed perfect in my eye: laying down watercolor and then going back with pen & ink to put the stippling on the top of it

Coffee on the Wall?

One day I found myself interested in portraits that were monochromatic. I began painting with just one color in different values under the pen & ink. Making portraits in warm sepia tones ultimately led me to experiment in….coffee.

Yes, coffee. Java. Joe. The Dream Bean.

The commitment to monochromatic and then the warmth of the coffee color. There is something about those tones, those browns that feel very comforting to me.

I love recreating human moments, whether it be on stage, or text or in…coffee.

In this exhibition, I am painting portraits (in coffee) of subjects that have channeled genius in some form and I am using reference materials that have captured them in their prime.