Ami Madeleine hosts The Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Green Kill on Saturday, April 14, 2018 at 8 pm featuring Mourning Son,  Dagmara and MC Ami Madeleine. 5 $ at door or reserved on Seating limited to 45. BYOB.  Ozubar refreshments available.

About Mourning Sun


About Dagmara


DAGMARA is the project of Phoebe Heretz, a songwriter and performer based in New Paltz, NY. Phoebe is a recent graduate of the Studio Composition program from the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase.
Phoebe grew up in the suburbs of Boston on a heavy dose of David Bowie and the Beatles. Later on, at Purchase, she latched onto 60’s country and folk, a couple favorites being Roy Orbison and Joni Mitchell. This melting pot of influences come out in her writing, though the arrangements of the songs lean towards alt-folk.
DAGMARA released their debut EP, The Virgin High, in January 2017. The follow-up full-band album, still in the works, was recorded with Travis De Jeong of Salvation Recording Co. in October 2017.

About Ami Madeleine


With mesmerizing vocals and versatile instrumental skills, Ami Madeleine reminds you what it’s like to feel something deeply. Whether it’s with a guitar, ukulele, or violin, whether the emotion is love or longing or heartbreak, Ami draws it out of you and makes you want to hug a friend or kiss a lover unabashedly.

Her music and lyrics are inspired by the natural landscape and reflect her vital link to the vital elements of earth, fire, air and water. If you’re not careful, you’ll leave her set in an introspective dreamlike state of ease. Ami currently resides in the town of Rosendale, NY and just released her third album “Death Bed”.