Bren Felker hosts BYOB Karaoke, “Let’s Talk about the Weather” on Friday, April 13, 2018 at 8 PM. Sing until 12 AM.  A contribution of 5 dollars is suggested.

They say if you have nothing to talk about then talk about the weather. Let’s sing about it instead. Rainy days and Mondays (and women #12 and #35), stormy weather, going snowblind, it’s all on the table. Whether you are inspired by the warmth of the sun, windy days or a little fall of rain we’ve got you covered. With our unbrella-ella ella ella.

If you’d rather discuss anything else, I won’t rain on your parade. The full list of 6,500 songs is there for you to delve into.

As always, BYO Beverage/snacks. All ages.