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Peter Christian Hall will be present to take questions at the screening of his groundbreaking indy feature, “Delinquent,” which features an original soundtrack by Gang of Four. Tuesday, May 15, 2018  and Friday, May 25 at 7 PM. $5 at the door or tickets may be reserved at, May 15  or, May 25 Seating limited to 45. BYOB.

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About “Delinquent”

Written, directed, and produced by Peter Christian Hall.

‘Delinquent’ is one of those great little near-no-budget movies that every now and then seem to come out of nowhere to give hope for a truly independent American cinema. It marks a stunning debut feature for writer-director Peter Hall, who never makes a false move as he builds suspense right from the start. The film, which boasts an effectively nerve-jangling score by Gang of Four, its first for a film, is a highly accomplished work in which its cast is never less than compelling. This is one suspense picture that gives way to a larger contemplation of the interplay of fate and emotion.

~Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Driven by an original soundtrack from Britain’s legendary Gang of Four, DELINQUENT played 20 festivals worldwide, sold on 5 continents, and played U.S. theaters in 13 states in 1997-98. Starring Desmond Devenish, Shawn Batten, Jeff Paul, Marisa Malone, and Ian Eaton. Cinematography: Todd Crocket. Edited by Thom Zimny. Consulting Editor: Keith Reamer. Casting: Maureen Fremont.

Everything about “Delinquent” challenges preconceptions, not just about genre, but also about adolescent behavior and psychology. Set in an upstate New York hamlet called Cold Mills, “Delinquent” tells the story of Tim (the spot-on Desmond Devenish), a 15-year-old boy whose soul is up for grabs. Writer-director-producer Peter Hall, who apparently fashioned the film from incidents in his own troubled childhood upstate, presents a debut feature that, while self-assured and sure-handed, is as raw, restless, contemplative, and haunting as its antihero. 

~Gary Susman, The Village Voice

Tim’s troubled descent is grimy Grimm, suspenseful and achingly tragic, abetted by taut thriller editing, gorgeously punctuated by the crackling sound of Gang of Four (most of which is collected on their ‘Shrinkwrapped’ CD). Tim’s world boils over when he finds his match in Tracy (Shawn Batten), a just-bounced boarding-school brat on the verge of her own fervent self-immolation. The cruelty of the world toward these lost children is unabating, steeped in pain, yet “Delinquent” is a fresh and bracing coming-of-age story that fascinates even as it frightens. A grandly nihilistic ending haunts. 

~Film Tip of the Week By Ray Pride,

New City (CHICAGO)

About the Director

Peter Christian Hall is a New York (NYC and Woodstock)-based writer and filmmaker who has published in Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Mother Jones, and the Village Voice, among others. He is the author of a pandemic flu blog novel, American Fever: A Tale of Romance & Pestilence, posted entirely at Hall wrote, produced, and directed DELINQUENT.

About Green Kill

Green Kill is an inclusive multiuser space dedicated to the arts.  It’s serves a growing diverse art community.  it is an LLC for the sole purpose over the short term of making sure it’s stays on track. The objective is to build an institution for the arts which grows and creates opportunities through the involvement of talented visual and performing artists. It’s a structured-DIY program, with smooth operation rules,  and it’s longevity and usefulness result solely from artist involvement and artist community promotion.

Green Kill is an art and performance space now in its second year, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, on Green Kill Avenue, near the Route 32 intersection.

Green Kill hosts poetry readings, theater, film, music and art exhibitions, which include established, outsider or student artists and performers who are dedicated to the growth of their work.

Green Kill located at 229 Green Kill Avenue in Kingston at four corners where Green Kill Avenue intersects Route 32 as it winds around through the trees down to New Paltz.

The art exhibitions change monthly at Green Kill and include local, national and international artists.

The Green Kill web site is; the email is; and the phone is 347-689-2323.

Green Kill is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 9 pm, and closed on national holidays. On evenings  there are often performance events,, which may impede viewing of the entire exhibition.  The optimum hours for viewing the whole exhibition are between 3 and 6 pm.  You may make a special appointment to guarantee open and uninterrupted viewing by calling 347-689-2323.


Peter Christian Hall will be  present to take questions for the screening of his highly-praised film “Delinquent “,  on  Tuesday,  May 15, 2018  and Friday, May 25 at 7 PM.  $5 at the door or tickets may be reserved at Seating limited to 45. BYOB. ;