Whitman and Pantell, Mark Brown and Dagmara will  perform at Green Kill on Saturday,  June 9, 2018 at 8 PM.  10 dollars at the door or on Eventbrite.com. Seating 45.

About Whitman and Pantell


Karen Whitman and Rick Pantell, have been a singer-songwriter duo since 1994. Their original songs are narrative, thoughtful and personal, with a thread of humor throughout their unique and surprising performances. Rick’s creative finger picking and Karen’s expressive, resonant voice keep audiences uplifted and engaged.

Whitman & Pantell, from Woodstock, NY, have performed at numerous coffeehouses and festivals in the New York City tri-state area. Festivals include The New Jersey Folk Festival in New Brunswick (with their then band, Paprikash), as well as at Clearwater Great Hudson River Revivals. They have been broadcast live on WAMC’s “Dancing on the Air” with Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, as well as in concert with Pete Seeger and others. Their CD, “Chicken Fat Pudding and Other Delights” played on radio stations throughout the country, was spotlighted on WKZE FM on Todd Mack’s “Off the Beat-N-Track” radio show and on Terry Doyle’s “Imprint Radio Show” on WIOX FM.


About Mark Brown


When you first listen to Mark Brown, you might find yourself wondering where he’s been and why it took him so long to get here. Combining a sharp eye with a sly sense of humor reminiscent of John Prine, Mark makes songs that hail from everywhere, incorporating ballads, cowboy songs, jigs, sideshow melodies, and field hollers. His songs give voice to craftsmen, broken-hearted mechanics, heavy equipment operators, squatters, and girls with their dirt bikes. Like many of the characters in his songs, Mark has been around: after growing up in Maryland, Mark did some farming, spent years as a commercial fisherman in the northern Pacific, worked as mechanic and a carpenter. Mark got his first first Johnny Cash record at six years old and he wore it out. Seeing a Tom Waits show in 1975 inspired Mark’s musical career. He’s been writing, playing, and performing since then, with carefully crafted songs that maintain a soulful integrity leveled with a rye sense of humor.

“Brown’s latest album opens with his voice sitting on top of a strident banjo motif, some distorted guitar and hard percussion. It sets the listener up for something a little out of the ordinary and a long way from the honky-tonks… the words as they do throughout, have a directness that underscores their effectiveness, specially when delivered in Brown’s hard scrabble and road-worn voices of the ages.” –Stephen Rapid, Lonesome Highway (Ireland)

“…Mark sings mostly about the small everyday things that can make life delightful (or difficult); about larger-than-life emotions (without melodrama)… and then again I often had the feeling that he might be singing the lyrics with a wink.” –Marcus Kerren, Rock Times (Germany, translated)

“Bitter ballads and stories with a pinch of irony… solid songwriting and an air of an authentic troubadour without taking itself to seriously. Mark is a great artisan of Americana with years of hard work on his shoulders… and you can feel the difference.” –Roots Highway, (Italy, translated)

“Mark Brown populates his stories with diverse characters who are not at all easy to place, but because of that all the more plausible and fascinating.” –Ctrl.Alt.Country, (Netherlands, translated)


About Dagmara


DAGMARA is the project of Phoebe Heretz, a songwriter and performer based in New Paltz, NY. Phoebe is a recent graduate of the Studio Composition program from the music conservatory at SUNY Purchase.
Phoebe grew up in the suburbs of Boston on a heavy dose of David Bowie and the Beatles. Later on, at Purchase, she latched onto 60’s country and folk, a couple favorites being Roy Orbison and Joni Mitchell. This melting pot of influences come out in her writing, though the arrangements of the songs lean towards alt-folk.
DAGMARA released their debut EP, The Virgin High, in January 2017. The follow-up full-band album, still in the works, was recorded with Travis De Jeong of Salvation Recording Co. in October 2017.