You are invited to the opening reception  for Anthony Powley who is in the exhibition “The Black Rainbow,” curated by Aaron Landcastle on Saturday July 7 from 5 to 9 PM.

Anthony’s work will be on display from Saturday, July 7 until Saturday, July 28, 2018.  

“The Black Rainbow”includes sixteen exceptional  artists who live and work in the Hudson Valley: Laura Andrighetti, Don Bruschi, Will Dayer, David Factor,  Julianne Farella, Alexa Floresta, Nick Lathrop,  Hui Lee, Anthony Licata,   Julian Mackinnon, Xek Noir, Wade Nobile, Anthony Powley, Noah David Roberts, William Rodriguez, and Dayle Zelitch.  The opening reception for “The Black Rainbow” will include a “random interruption.” 


Anthony Powley,Coalition, Mixed media on cardboard, Photographic prints for sale, $50-$70

About Anthony Powley

Anthony Powley. You’ll always pull through when you need to. What else can you do? Die, sit in your shit, stop calling your mom, you stress her out more than she does you. I’m here from the trees to send you back to Bushwick. I wake up feeling like a virgin. Our discord is what we deserve for longing nostalgia.