You are invited to the opening reception  for Donald Bruschi who is in the exhibition “The Black Rainbow,” curated by Aaron Landcastle on Saturday July 7 from 5 to 9 PM.

Donald’s work will be on display from Saturday, July 7 until Saturday, July 28, 2018.

“The Black Rainbow”includes sixteen exceptional  artists who live and work in the Hudson Valley: Laura Andrighetti, Don Bruschi, Will Dayer, David Factor,  Julianne Farella, Alexa Floresta, Nick Lathrop,  Hui Lee, Anthony Licata,   Julian Mackinnon, Xek Noir, Wade Nobile, Anthony Powley, Noah David Roberts, William Rodriguez, and Dayle Zelitch.  The opening reception for “The Black Rainbow” will include a “random interruption.”

About Donald Bruschi

I truly love the process of sculpting. All of my sculpture starts with an artistic vision. It is interesting to me how technical skills such as metalworking and neon bending can be utilized as the vision takes form. I believe it is important to show off your sculpting technique, skills and thought put into its engineering, as well as where your ideas for the aesthetic and visual aspect are.

As an artist I bring together a variety of elements to construct a sculpture or installation. The elements I choose to use come from nature such as wood or stone, recycled or upcycled industrial material such as scrap steel or machine parts and neon light. As I work I get a feel about the elements I am using how do they act and interact, how is this happening visually. I find elements that compliment and “work together” in my eye. Sometimes the artwork shows off a certain quality of the materials and sometimes it is about an abstract idea.

I have been an artist and art educator for over 35 years. I earned a BFA from the NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University in 1983.  I presently teach public school art and previously taught neon sculpture classes at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn. I have shown my work regionally including at Unison Art Center, the Islip Art Museum, Exit Art, Arts Society of Kingston, Middlesex County College in NJ and Varga Gallery in Woodstock, NY.