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You are invited to the opening reception  for William E. Rodriguez who is in the exhibition “The Black Rainbow,” curated by Aaron Landcastle on Saturday July 7 from 5 to 9 PM.

William’s work will be on display from Saturday, July 7 until Saturday, July 28, 2018.  

“The Black Rainbow”includes sixteen exceptional  artists who live and work in the Hudson Valley: Laura Andrighetti, Don Bruschi, Will Dayer, David Factor,  Julianne Farella, Alexa Floresta, Nick Lathrop,  Hui Lee, Anthony Licata,   Julian Mackinnon, Xek Noir, Wade Nobile, Anthony Powley, Noah David Roberts, William Rodriguez, and Dayle Zelitch.  The opening reception for “The Black Rainbow” will include a “random interruption.” 

About  William E. Rodriguez

William E. Rodriguez is a sculptor/illustrator whose artworks range from installations to ceramics to new media to performance works. Born in Brooklyn, NY and attended SUNY New Paltz for his BFA in Sculpture. His works vary from absurd to realistic sculptures, as he explores various mediums such as clay, wax, metal, technology, plexiglass, photography and audio art. He uses traditional and contemporary techniques to create his works of art in order to delve further into the human experience and perspective. His love for Mythology influences his art as he combines ancient and new mythology into his works to find correlations between life and myth. He has exhibited works in Kingston, New Paltz and Newburgh such as the Art Society of Kingston, Green Kill Gallery, SUNY New Paltz, the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art and Ann Street Gallery. He has worked as Artist Carolyn Palmer and Aaron Keppel’s assistant and is currently working on new sculpture projects based on the concept of human contact and choices. Currently lives and works in New Paltz.

My latest art works have consisted on exploring the human experience and perspective in order to find a way to further our connection towards one another. We feel moments of joy, doubt, fear, love, yet we judge each other based on our beliefs, ethnicities, gender, and sexuality. In a time that reinforces opposition rather than community, my work aims to build connections between people finding common ground through our experiences. We must realize that even as individuals we are no different from one another.

With my “Abstract Hourglass Series,” my art centers on hourglasses and what they can symbolize. Consisting of mainly plexiglass, which was melted and heated to temperatures that allow the material to be molded into these odd fluid like shapes that allude to the shape of an hourglass. Heating this medium allows me to work with the surface of this material, creating interesting textures that resemble bubbles within the glass. Inside each of the hourglasses are either hands, shapes or symbols that oppose each other as polar opposites, for example a broken hand reaching for a complete hand or an amorphic shape opposite to a geometric shape. As time passes one gets consumed by the sand as the other becomes liberated from it. Mythology often uses hourglasses to give the sense of time running out or the life that remains, using the objects within them I reveal the fluctuating balance between two forces that give and take from one another.

William E. Rodriguez

You are invited to the opening reception  for William E. Rodriguez who is in the exhibition “The Black Rainbow,” curated by Aaron Landcastle on Saturday July 7 from 5 to 9 PM.