Saturday, July 14, 8 PM is Bitchfest at Greenkill featuring, Susie Deford/NEON GRLZ, Whalehuff and Nixie Unterwelt. BYOB event. 10 dollars at the door or on Seating is limited to 45.


About Susie DeFord/NEON GRLZ


Susie DeFord/NEON GRLZ uses field recordings from her travels, loops, drum machines, guitar and vocals to create songs.  Open to experimental song collaboration with other musicians, writers, filmmakers, and video artists. NEON GRLZ celebrates technology that allows artists to swap tracks in a collaborative process regardless of location. For more info get in touch:

About Whalehuff


Whalehuff’s music is thoroughly modern, but not strictly bound to 2018. They have a futuristic vision that embraces the past in order to enlighten and enliven the present. What does this even mean? It means that Whalehuff’s music is carefully crafted but never forced. At times cynical and dark, but never jaded, still able to celebrate that which is worth celebrating while never forgetting that our universe is driven by entropy. Whalehuff makes music for both the mind and the body. No compromise. A universe unto itself, Whalehuff’s music is simultaneously familiar (without being derivative) and fresh. In a world where everything has been done, is it possible to do something that is genuinely unique? Listen to Whalehuff and find out.

About Nixie Unterwelt


The ritualistic, inspired electronic art pop of Nixie Unterwelt is a breath of fresh air in a landscape often cluttered with sound-alikes. The ever-evolving brainchild of multimedia creatrix Nikki Vly, the project– which draws its name from the German words for “malevolent water sprite” and “underworld–” is a transformative purging through sound, visuals, and theatrical self expression. Her work is focused on unleashing the sacred feminine.