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Marty Korn, Paul McMahon and Sparrow present “Hippes Against Hitler” an evening of film, music and poetry on Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 7:30. A $5 contribution preferred. Reserve a ticket on BYOB. Seating limited to 45.

Hippies Against Hitler is a movement begun by Paul McMahon & Sparrow (who coincidentally are the only members) using song, poetry, folktales, harmonic rituals, crystals, herbal healing, and “knock knock” jokes to combat world fascism.

About Marty Korn

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Marty Korn is the producer & host of the podcast/web show “Conversations over Cappuccino” and founder of Woodstock Dreams Media  “Sparrow Meets Dr. Worraps” is Marty’s first film and marks the start of the innovative “Meeting of the Mind” film series. In addition to film, Marty is a stone artist and ecology activist. He is currently organizing a 2019 Woodstock Ecology Festival to help establish a compelling artistic “voice and vision” of ecology

About the  “A Meeting of the Mind” Film Series

Sparrow Meets Dr. Worraps is Marty’s first film in the “Meeting of the Mind” film series. This innovative series features a single person playing out the various and sundry personae inhabiting one’s individual psyche. Through this dramatic vehicle the duality and psychic tensions within our minds and lives are compellingly depicted. In “Sparrow Meets Dr. Worraps,” the poet Sparrow meets his psychic opposite: the “Eminent” Dr. Worraps (Sparrow spelled backwards). Sparrow wrote the script & plays himself as well as Dr. Worraps. The drama, tension and fun unfold as the battle of wits evolves between them.

Sparrow Dr. Worraps Win

About Sparrow


Sparrow characterizes himself as a “multi-level anarchist anti-poet” who is well known in the Catskills for his one-line letters to the Woodstock Times. He is a regular contributor to the Chronogram and his works have been published in the New York Times, the New Yorker and the American Poetry Review. Sparrow is the author of seven books including “How to Survive the Coming Collapse of Civilization (And Other Helpful Hints).” He has run for the Presidency seven times. His most recent book, “On certain nights everyone in the USA has the same dream,” recounts his 2016 election campaign.

About Paul MacMahon

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Paul McMahon has released 10 albums of original songs and was included in a 2009 exhibition, The Pictures Generation 1974-1984, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which acquired two of his written on postcards. His current release, Hymn to Her is lyrical philosophy from a confirmed Goddess worshipper. His improvisational healing act “Rock and Roll Therapist” has earned him a major regional following, as has his line of Welcome to Woodstock bumper stickers. He captains the Mothership, an ‘everything’ center in Woodstock. Archives of art shows at his early 70s proto-alternative space are in the collection of the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard. He once duelled one-liners with Soupy Sales on national TV. He was the one dressed as a giant potato. He enjoys fun whenever possible, which might explain his collaboration with Sparrow in Hippies Against Hitler. 


Hippies Against Hitler

Marty Korn, Paul McMahon and Sparrow present “Hippes Against Hitler” an evening of film, music and poetry on Sunday, August 19,2018 at 7:30. A $5 contribution preferred. BYOB. Seating limited to 45.