Please join Brent Felker for a night of “BYOB Karaoke” on Friday, September 14, 2018, at 8 PM. This month the theme is “vices.” Sing until 12 AM. As always, BYOB. All ages. A contribution of 5 dollars is suggested.

We all have our thing. Alcohol, cigarettes, digging through the ice cream to pull out all the pieces of cookie dough, gambling, coffee, sex, looking at our phone while someone is talking to you RIGHT THERE IN REAL LIFE, heroin, etc.

We celebrate our moral failings this night. Anything that has a hold on us despite our best efforts to just put the doughnut down and exercise for god’s sake. Even if it is inviting us to enjoy your rendition of the longest song on the list (hint: it is 15 minutes and in Italian).


Any song that inspires you is up for grabs. Browse the full list here: