You are invited to the opening reception for the exhibition at Green Kill of Aaron Landcastle on Saturday, December 1, from 5 to 9. Refreshments will  be served.

There will be a special performance at the reception by Line Eldi of the band Line on Some Trip (L.O.S.T.) at 6:30 pm for 30 minutes. The exhibition is on view from December 1 to 29, 2018. Best viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday 3-6 PM. Green Kill hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-9 PM

About Aaron Landcastle

Deeply unsatisfied with personal work of the last five years, I began working exclusively with an airbrush and a compressor. In these first pictures exhibited using an airbrush, the motivation was in reducing the gravity of conception while simultaneously establishing the obstruction present in that gravity. To me, the denial of significance is attributable towards the processes of generating greater meaning in discovery, and so I’ve taken great care to alienate myself in further representing a concrete reality wherein reality effectively cannot reside.

About Line Eldi

Born and raised in the suburbs of Paris, Line grew up in a muslim immigrant family from Syria and Palestine. She travelled across Europe and lived in England, Italy, Scotland and Hungary where she found many human and artistic inspirations. She moved to NYC in 2014 and started her official musical project. With a soft voice that can turn into a storm of rage and strumming strings, Line tackles the topic of depression caused by the consumption society. She composes Post-punk and Antifolk sometimes psychedelic songs with simple and quirky lyrics full of irony. “Music is a tool that helps me tame my anger and achieve self and death acceptance.”