In January of 2019 the back room of Green Kill was transformed into the “White Room” which features several sales locations for visual art and books, Ozubar, an inexpensive in-house soft drink and snack bar,  a coat rack,  and a storage area and dressing room for performers.

There are two visual art areas,  one for works under 500 dollars which are smaller than 39 x 40 inches suitable for framing, and one for works under 60 dollars, pre-framed smaller than 5 x 7 inches.

The 500 and less works are stored in a 10 drawer flat file located in the White Room. Works for 60 and less are immediately added to the the designated exhibition area in the “White Room”
In addition, there is a shelving unit called “Paradise Found” where poets and visual artists can sell books.

The primary focus of the “White Room” is to offer the public a rich collection of original art at prices they can afford.

If you would like to participate in the “White Room” collections this is the policy:

All works are sold on commission, Green Kill receiving 40 percent of the purchase price before tax and the artist receives 60 percent before tax. All publications are sold on commission with Green Kill receiving 25 percent of sales before taxes.

$500 or less works do not have to be framed. Green Kill has set up framing services which is separate arrangement between the framer and art buyer.

$60 or less works must be framed.

Books must have a price posted.
There is limited space in the “White Room” and so the sales opportunity is open only to artists and writers who have participated in Green Kill programs.

Green Kill will rotate art works and books over time. Artists are welcome to remove their art works or books from the White Room Collections at any time. Green Kill may request artists to take back art or books at any time and may also ask Artists to replace works on file with new works or theirs or someone else.

Art lover/buyers may visit the “White Room” to view beautiful, original art for your home or office, by coming to Green Kill 3-6 PM, Tuesday-Saturday or by writing or phoning, or 347-689-2323, to make a special appointment. ( Circumstances may sometimes limit viewing hours)

Art and books on sale will be presented on in the “White Room Shop“ equipped with order procedures.

Green Kill will be proactively promoting the “White Room” collection to he representatives professional buildings which display art works on their walls.