Meira, Maddy Bogner, will led a session of Kirtan at Green Kill on Thursday, April 25, a beautiful evening which begins 7 pm and finishes sometime around 9 PM. 10$ at the door or on

About “Kirtan with Meria”

liberation-art - for Kirtan at Green Kill
Kirtan is a “call and response” chant style originating from the Bhakti Yoga tradition, the yoga of devotion, in India. It is a Sanskrit word, meaning the “narrating, reciting, telling, describing” of an idea or story.  It is done traditionally in Sanskrit, and Gurmukhi. Kirtan has many of the mind-calming benefits of a yoga class or sitting meditation. Practicing Kirtan affects everyone differently, but everyone deeply!
Meira will facilitate a journey through the experience of World Kirtan.  In honor of Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), Easter and Earth Day, we will be singing chants from cultures, religions and practices around the world, raising the energy, your vibration, connecting with yourself, others, the Divine, opening your heart and experiencing the love that is in our hearts and all around us.
Led by:
Meira (Maddy Bogner) – Vocals, shruti boxMeira (Maddy Bogner) is an emerging kirtan artist from Woodstock, NY. She finds joy and inner peace in the spiritual experience of singing and chanting. She loves offering others the opportunity to experience this inner knowing and connection with Who You Truly Are.

About Green kill

Green Kill is a multiuser  performance space dedicated to the arts. It serves a growing diverse art community. Green Kill is an LLC in transition to become of 501c3. The objective is to build an institution for the arts which grows and creates opportunities  inclusive through the peer to peer involvement of talented visual and performing artists.

Green Kill is a handicapped accessible and located at 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, Green Kill is open Tuesday to Saturday from 3  pm to 9 pm, closed on national holidays. The phone number is 1(347)689-2323. Performance events schedule please visit t Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.