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Saturday, October 19 at 8 PM, join host Marc Delgado for Showcase at Green Kill, featuring Todd Adelman and Steve Koester with sound direction of Dave Strahl. 10 dollars at the door and tickets my be reserved using the “Order Tickets” button above. BYOB. Soft drinks and snacks are available at Ozubar.

About Todd Adelman

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Ladies and Gentlemen…meet Todd Adelman.

Colorado singer-songwriter Todd Adelman has perfected a mix of heartfelt roots-based musical storytelling that draws inspiration from such iconic references as Hank Williams, Gram Parsons, Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zandt and Robert Earl Keen. On his upcoming release, Time Will Tell (May 12), Adelman’s sixth full length album, he and his band The Country Mile enlisted Jeff Finlin to help produce the effort.
“Jeff is a seasoned and highly accomplished songwriter and producer in his own right, as well as a good friend,” says Adelman. “I thought his approach to record- making would be a good match for this band and this batch of material.”

As for the title, Adelman notes that Time Will Tell sums up the album’s tracks. “Though I named the album and wrote these songs a few years back, they are more pertinent than ever given the current state of affairs,” he said. “This record straddles the line of looking at the past, questioning the present, and hoping for the future.”
Indeed, as an assiduous student of the art of songwriting (he co-founded the Boulder Area Songwriter’s Exchange in 2000 after spending time with Jack Hardy), Adelman takes the lyrical side of things seriously: “When I make records, I am very aware of the narrator’s voice throughout the body of work,” he added. To that end, Time Will Tell traverses an exploratory map of subjects spanning time’s passage, ranging from concerns about the changing national climate, to the challenges (and advantages) of getting older, to even the simple love song.
Like other committed storytellers, Adelman finds inspiration as he goes about his daily life: “’Underdog was written for Bruce Springsteen after I read his biography, and ‘Wild Women Whiskey & Weed’ is an anthem I co-wrote with my dear friend Michael ‘Banker’ Bank on a road trip home from Kansas City,” he relates. “’All My Tears’ was inspired by a story I overheard; I liked the way it fit into the theme of the album.”
Adelman and his band The Country Mile, recorded the tracks live at The Mountain House, an analog and heavily vintage recording studio tucked away in the woods outside of Nederland, Colorado, where he lives and has worked on a number of other releases. Time Will Tell will be available upon release on CD, as well as a limited run of double records at 45RPM with audiophile quality.
“This is the only record that I’ve recorded completely with my band; no outside musicians aside from [our engineer] who made a cameo on guitar on the final track. I have tracked most of my records live and Time Will Tell was also recorded live with very minimal overdubs aside from the background vocals.”
Adelman’s previous five releases have garnered critical acclaim, and 2009’s “Todd Adelman & The Love Handles landed at No. 4 on the National Roots Charts and No. 1 on the Colorado Roots charts, as well as made its way into the Americana Music Charts top 100.

Adelman is set to promote and tour with his current band Todd Adelman & The Country Mile in support of Time Will Tell.

About Marc Delgado

Ladies and Gentlemen…meet Marc Delgado.

Marc Delgado walked into a used bookstore
and bought Naked Lunch and
The Dollmaker’s Ghost.
He lived out of the corner
room of The London Motel.
He met Melanie
and moved across the country.
They got married
Mary Scout was born.
He plays a lot of songs.
He hosts Showcase.

About  Steve Koester

Ladies and Gentlemen…meet Steve Koester.

Bow is the third album from Two Dark Birds, the critically acclaimed  band from Pakatakan Mountain in The Catskills. Bow is a cycle of songs about openings and awakenings, about the spirit of nature and the nature of spirit.

Recorded in Woodstock, NY with Chris Maxwell, Bow was written and performed by Steve Koester with the assistance of a group of Catskill musicians, including Jeff Lipstein, Josh Roy Brown, Marco Benevento, Carrie Bradley, Sibel Finn, Don Piper and Jason Mills.

About four years ago, I had an odd experience that changed my life. I was walking through the woods on Pakatakan Mountain, the mountain on which I lived, on a hike I’d done daily for years. There was nothing extraordinary about this particular day. I mean, it was beautiful — the sunlight flitting through the bright green early June ash, last fall’s browned leaves crumbling under foot, moss-covered shale poking through the dirt, dried hemlock branches littering the path. I was descending the slope, on the last bit of my loop, when I stopped to catch my breath. And that’s when the extraordinary thing happened — something that’s very hard to explain. Something that was like an opening, or like a pause in time — a fermata. I felt the infinite reach of time in that very moment. Something about the ferns stretching out on the mountain side below seemed at once incredibly ancient and vividly now. I could feel everything that had been in that spot in the eons before me — the settlers who had first put up houses there, the Lenape before them, back to the dinosaurs, and all the way back to when this forest had sat on the bottom of a sea. All at once. The infinite now had opened it’s doors and I had — for the first time, or maybe the first time since I was a kid —walked through.

This is really a pretty poor explanation of what happened, I realize. Prose can’t really describe it accurately and song probably can’t either. BUT, since I’m a songwriter and I process the world through writing little tunes, I wrote “White Birch” as an attempt to get at the heart of this feeling, using a little story about a guy named Dave. A guy probably a lot like me but also maybe a bit like you, I don’t know.

This moment, in some ways, was the launching point for the next several years of my life and for the rest of the songs on the album. It set up a trajectory, an exploration. Bow is a cycle of songs about openings & awakenings, and “White Birch” sits at the center.   – Steve Koester

Prior to Two Dark Birds, Koester also fronted the bands Maplewood, Koester & Punchdrunk, who altogether released eleven critically-acclaimed albums and toured extensively throughout the US and Europe. The music has been called “knockout gorgeous” and “timeless. . . great rock music” and has received glowing reviews everywhere from Fader and Nylon to The Village Voice and The NY Times, showing up on  year-end “Best” lists in Magnet, Popmatters, Rhapsody, Disclaimer and more. Koester has also written, recorded and produced a wide variety of songs for film and TV.

About  David Strahl


Ladies and Gentlemen…meet Dave Strahl.

A motivated and tech-savvy audio engineer and music producer with over 25 years of experience working in the audio and sound production field. From a very young age David developed a love affair with music that has resulted in a wealth of recorded and live music projects.

Music producer and audio engineer, David Strahl, is also a performing musician with better than 40 years of experience in the music industry. David has worked for SONY Studios in NYC as well operating his own recording studio, Candy Ear Studios, in SOHO with a list of clients including Patti and Jackson Smith, Idris Elba and many others.

About Green Kill

Green Kill is a multi-use performance space dedicated to a diverse and growing creative community. Green Kill’s mission is to create artistic opportunities through peer to peer organization of talented and dedicated visual, performing and literary artists.

Find out how you can support green kill here:

Green Kill is a handicapped accessible exhibition performance Space located at 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, open Tuesday to Saturday from 3  pm to 9 pm, closed on national holidays. The phone number is 1(347)689-2323. For the event schedule please visit Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.

Showcase, October 19

Saturday, October 19 at 8 PM, join host Marc Delgado for Showcase at Green Kill, featuring Todd Adelman and Steve Koester with sound direction of Dave Strahl. 10 dollars at the door and tickets my be reserved using the “Order Tickets” button above. BYOB. Soft drinks and snacks are available at Ozubar.