Now on display at Green Kill in Kingston NY is the mural, “Three Whales” by Sergey Bespamyatnykh, an artist from Novosibirsk, Russia. This work was shipped from Russia and is on public display on the south exterior wall of Green Kill. It’s the only public opportunity to see the work of this very unique artist in the United States. 

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About “Three Whales” 2019, canvas / acrylic, 130x400cm. 


The painting depicts the figures of three Whales, this is is one of an infinite series of works. All Whales, like us people of the earth, are different in color, in expressing their emotions and reactions to events in the world around them.  Now, people are united by a single technological, informational chain, the purpose of which is to manipulate the consciousness of everyone, for the sake of dark, mercenary interests, the powerful of this world. Whales symbolize the justice of good and reason, in our “crazy” the modern world, where money rules, along with military superiority, and love is admiration of the “beautiful life” of the elite. The Whales represent the united effort to make our world a better place.

 —Sergey  Bespamyatnykh

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About Sergey  Bespamyatnykh

In 1995 he graduated from the Novosibirsk Architectural Institute, majoring in “Architecture of civil buildings”. Since 1995, takes part in exhibitions of various ranks (personal, group, regional, all-Russian, international, foreign). It works in the manner of “psychomechanical formalism” and “mechano-psychological realism” where the main value is composition, color-form, with the image of semi-abstract characters-objects, expressing various kinds of emotional feelings. In addition to painting and graphics, he works in the areas of wall painting, bas-relief, in the framework of exhibitions and art festivals he creates art-objects and installations. He performed a number of works in graphic design, designed interiors and designed the facades of buildings. Member of  VTOO “Union of Artists of Russia”, since 2015.

About Green Kill

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