You are invited to the  2nd annual 2019 Green Kill The Artist Ball. This year has a theme and that is “Dada.” This is an invitation to all artists and performers who participated at Green kill, as well as their friends, to share in a night of well-deserved celebration, ”The Artists’ Ball” on Saturday, December 14, 2019, from 7 until midnight.

Bring friends, family, significant others.

There may be liquor as well as soft drinks. Underage concerns are always the case.

It’s a masked ball. This year the theme is “Dada.” Google Dada images. Lots of ideas.  Use what’s lying around. Be inventive.

It’s a buffet and so all who attend are asked to bring some kind of finger food and drink. Please consider alternatives to corn and potato chips.

Tables will be set up, one for beverages and the other for finger foods.

The stage will be open to all takers—musicians, poets, actors, clowns, improv artists— to spontaneously perform throughout the night. Brent Felker will set up for Karaoke in case anyone gets the urge to sing.

Hope you will join us. Your participation will make it a great evening for all.