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On Sunday, March 1, at 7 PM. please join Host, Dave Kearney,  will host Songwriters in the Round, with his guests Bruce Balmer and Lisa Markley. Tickets are 10 dollars at the door or they may be reserved on this page. BYOB. Soft drinks and snacks are available at Ozubar.

About Songwriters in the Round

Dave Kearney hosts a warm and intimate evening of performance and artist discussions about the craft of songwriting with two special guests. The evening offers a very rich and rewarding exploration of the songwriter’s individual and unique process.  Songwriters in the Round is a celebration of songwriting as an art. Questions from the audience are invited.

About Bruce Balmer


Bruce Balmer  was born in Margaretville, NY, and raised in a musical household surrounded by siblings and over 40 well- and often-played instruments in various states of repair.  Guitar followed piano, banjo and tenor guitar as his nemesis and lifetime teacher.

Two years of harmony and analysis and a year of piano study with Blanche Moyse at Marlboro College gave him a baroque approach to writing, performing and recording many original songs, playing lead guitar for rock, jazz, and country bands, and composition for dance performance and for film (“I Married A Strange Person,” bedroom scene, background music – Bill Plympton animated feature.)

Later, he discovered the vibrant underground folk scene in in NYC.  He owes the writing and editing of many of his songs to the Greenwich Village Songwriter’s Collective.  He has accompanied the late and dearly missed Jack Hardy on some wild and lean road tours from time to time.

Bruce now divides his musical time between performance with his brilliant wife, Lisa Markley, as Markley & Balmer, solo Bruce Balmer performances, and wood-shed study of 20th century standards, one at a time (in Lisa’s key.)  Bruce has released two solo singer/songwriter albums, “Upstream” and “Get Outta Park.”

About Dave Kearney


Perhaps the reason that Dave Kearney’s songs are so powerful is that he has actually lived them. His heartfelt performances elicit nods of recognition, tears, and a line of people coming up to him after the show to tell him which song moved them the most. Sometimes it’s the one about a wounding father/daughter relationship, or the tragedy of addiction, or a shattering love triangle, or a sacred experience of the natural world. Sure he has had influences. But that is not enough. And obviously he has studied his craft well. But it is the crucible of his life experiences that makes Kearney a commanding artist.

Since moving from Baltimore to upstate New York, Kearney has shared stages with Mary Gauthier, John Hall, Jeffrey Gaines, Malcolm Holcombe, Tom Rush, Garnet Rogers, Tom Pacheco, and others. He has released two albums: “Ghost Tracks” (2011) and  “The Waiting Game” (2014). He currently hosts a monthly Songwriters’ In The Round at Green Kill in Kingston, NY.

About Lisa Markley


Though most often recognized for her abilities as a vocalist, Lisa Markley began her musical journey as a trombonist. A multi-instrumentalist (voice, guitar, piano, banjo, and trombone), Markley is a graduate of the prestigious School of Music at the University of North Texas where she performed in the Lab Bands and in the Jazz Singers, studying composition, jazz, voice, trombone, and music education.

She defies category in pursuit of the perfect song.

Markley has been recording and touring internationally over the last fifteen years as a singer-songwriter and jazz artist, playing shows from Festival Mémoire et Racines in Québec, Canada to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, from Festival Internationale to the Kerrville Folk Festival, from jazz clubs in Seattle to folk shows in Boston, and in house concerts from Bellingham to Cape Cod to Denver to New York City.

Though Lisa Markley’s career as a songwriter blends folk and jazz influences, her recent recording projects have brought her home, focusing her finely tuned vocal talents on the jazz genre. Lisa is signed with the Soona Songs record label, where she has been given the freedom to explore the more intimate forms of jazz song, art song, and to record new songs along side the jazz “standards”.

These days Lisa performs locally with her jazz quartet, (aka “the Ne’er-Do-Wells”), and tours nationally with her husband and partner in musical crime, Bruce Balmer, (Markley & Balmer) doing their own twisted take on original songs and jazz standards. She also hits the road occasionally with the genre-busting folk-ish trio The Malvinas.

Yet with all the traveling, she remains deeply rooted in her community as a teaching artist. Through the years, Lisa Markley has taught over a thousand students in school settings as well as her private studio. She remains as passionately devoted to teaching as she is to writing and performing.  Completely blowing off the old adage, Markley believes that “Those who can do, can do better and teach.”

About Green Kill


Green Kill is a multi-use performance space dedicated to a diverse and growing creative community. Green Kill’s mission is to create artistic opportunities through peer to peer organization of talented and dedicated visual, performing and literary artists.

Find out how you can support green kill here:

Green Kill is a handicapped accessible exhibition performance Space located at 229 Greenkill Avenue, Kingston, New York, 12401,, open Tuesday to Saturday from 3  pm to 9 pm, with periodic events on Sundays. Green Kill is closed on national holidays. The phone number is 1(347)689-2323. For the event schedule please visit Exhibition viewing hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 3-5 PM or you may make a special appointment by contacting or phoning 347-689-2323.

Songwriters in the Round, March 1

On Sunday, March 1, at 7 PM. please join Host, Dave Kearney,  will host Songwriters in the Round, with his guests Bruce Balmer and Lisa Markley. Tickets are 10 dollars at the door or they may be reserved on this page. BYOB. Soft drinks and snacks are available at Ozubar.