Green kill is a decentralized space which means that different groups can organize exhibitions, performances and educational events. This presents certain legal and logistical concerns. To protect Green Kill, and all art and equipment and  to maintain continuity and organization Green kill has a contract and a policies sheet. You have access to the Green Kill’s general Contract and Green Kill policies through the t pdf link below.

Artists who exhibit at Green Kill are invited to add their work to the Artists section of created for their exhibited work on simply by emailing other work with descriptions and price to In this case, a contract will be sent for signature which adds in the understanding the artists accept and 80/20 ratio in which artist’s retain 80 percent after taxes are calculated. This ratio arrangement is to help with site and gallery costs but the objective is to give artists opportunity to promote their work and generate maximum revenue for themselves.

Art Buyers may inquire about art works or artists and art by emailing David Schell at In most cases arranged can be made to meet artists and to see their larger bodies of work. Art sold in the Green Kill space may be paid for in cash,  by a major credit card or buy making out a check directly to the Artist. Arrangements will be made for the artist to deliver the work to the buyer after the closing date of the exhibition. Art sold on line will be arranged for buyers by Green Kill and most cases that art will be sent by the artist. All work sold by Green Kill on behalf of artists is subject to New York State and Ulster County tax of 8 percent.

Green Kill Policies