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Stephen Lewis is a painter and printmaker who is work is primarily concerned with art of observation of both the sociopolitical and natural world. In that sense, his work is unique in that  that it inhabits to distinct genres; naturalism and political art, but the artist sees his practice as incorporating the same principals in the creation of both bodies of work -they are tied together by the artists unique ability to articulate realities that only become obvious thru monastic observation and study.

   “The message that American pop culture is polluting the world isn’t anything new. But, Lewis sends it in such an over the top manner that the viewer gets pulled into the imagery. How a person who looks as serene and contemplative as Lewis does in his self-portrait can channel so much anger into his paintings is anyone’s guess. But it isn’t just the anger that makes his work compelling it’s the skill with which he translates it into art”

 —Ferdinand Protzman, the Washington Post

  While in Washington, dc he was one of the co-directors of signal66 a 3000 sq. ft. gallery and exhibition space that was widely accepted as the dominate gallery in the city during its tenure.

His work has been reviewed or featured in diverse publications including; the Washington post, art news, timeout, high times, casa vogue, and the New Yorker.

  He currently resides in Port Ewen NY with his wife and daughter and is the co-publisher of the art / satirical print newspaper” The Quiet American”. He currently records under the moniker “the royal wylds” and is attempting to re invigorate plein aire painting in a way that doesn’t suck.

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